Yoga And Hair Fall Control

(January 27, 2009)

Hi,I have a huge hair fall and due to that my scalp glimpses are seen when under light. I am afraid that I will get bald head.Please suggest what type of asanas I need to do.Please help me....

Hair loss can occur due to several reasons such as hereditary factors, certain strong medicines, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive smoking, improper diet resulting in nutritional deficiencies, excessive stress and tension, use of harsh chemicals or styling products, constant exposure to sun, pollution and dust, imbalance in your hormone levels, etc. you need to take care of what you eat along with practicing yoga as proper nutrition is essential for obtaining a healthy body, skin and hair. Take care of some general things that are listed below:
  • Drink lots of water at least have 7 to 8 glasses throughout the day. you can also have various fruit and vegetable juices as that will provide your body with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. Besides it will keep your system hydrated and will add a glow and shine to your skin and hair. This will also cleanse your system and flush out all the harmful toxins and waste matter from your body, which will ensure a healthy system that functions at its best level.
  • Consume plenty of fresh salads, sprouts, dark green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, curd, and buttermilk for a balanced diet. Also consume flaxseed oil, as it is the richest plant source of essential omega 3 fatty acids that will improve the condition of your skin and hair making it shine with health. Besides it is also beneficial for your bone and tissue health.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol as it dehydrates your body, increases the free radicals that damage your skin and hair. Also avoid refined packaged processed junk foods, as they do not have sufficient nutrition and cause more harm to your skin and hair.
Besides this you can start yoga by practicing Dhyana or meditation everyday that will help to alleviate the stress and tension and will make you feel calm and peaceful. Next you can move on to the pranayama or the breathing exercises. These will help you breathe correctly and will harmonize the flow of oxygen in your body. Kapalbhati or the breath of fire is one such powerful breathing technique. Practice this daily for controlling your hair fall. Besides this you can also practice padahasta asana or the hand and feet pose also know as forward bend pose, and the bhastrika pranayama or the bellows as it is called. In the asanas you can practice the inverted postures that will help to increase the blood flow to your scalp stimulating hair growth and controlling the hair fall.

Submitted by G M on January 27, 2009 at 12:52

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