Scalp Massage

An aromatherapy scalp massage can be more than just relaxing. A scalp massage can be therapeutic, helping to release stress and tension, improving sleep, and stimulating and improving hair growth and quality. essential oils.

A scalp massage is quite simple and can be administered by almost anyone, for anyone, including your self. You can even simplify the task by using a scalp massager or scalp massage brush. A scalp massage is one of the most.



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Scalp Massage- A Stress Buster

.relaxing and invigorating massagese A scalp massage offers a wide variety of benefitst

  • A scalp massage is recommended in ayurveda for the maintenance of healthy lustrous hairi The best way to nourish your hair and scalp is in fact through a scalp massageg This helps replenish dry and damaged hairi
  • A scalp massage doesn't just benefit your hair, but also de-stresses your mind and relaxes the nervous systeme Mental stress also has physical manifestations and a scalp massage helps release this stresss
  • It is extremely beneficial for sleep disorders like insomnia or wakefulness, as it promotes a restful sleepe

Essential oils are an inseparable ingredient of any aromatherapy practicec Keep in mind however, that it is absolutely necessary for you to dilute any essential oil before applicationo You can add a few drops of the essential oil to a carrier oil, to prepare a scalp massage oil, or get a pre- made and ready to use scalp massage oili

Making your own massage oil is quite simple, but it's important that you chose the right oili Sesame and almond oil, are both great for a scalp massageg If you have straight hair, coconut oil is particularly beneficiala Whatever the oil you choose, add a drop or two of an essential oili

Scalp massage techniques and tips:

  • Make it a point to brush your hair before a scalp massage, to get rid of any flaky partst To prevent breakage, if your hair is long, start from the endsd
  • To begin a scalp massage, apply the scalp massage oil to your finger tips and star by gently massaging the temples, to gradually move the fingers over the rest of the scalpl
  • Be extremely gentle and use circular motionsn
  • Combining a neck and shoulder massage would be even better, and enhance the experiencec

If you're too rough while massaging you will just end up causing more damage, with knotting and hair breakage being the most common effects of a bad scalp massageg If you're not confident enough or prefer not to use your hands you can opt for the wide variety of scalp massager, widely available todaya

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