Benefits of a Scalp Massage

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 10, 2012

Massage therapy is a vast field that offers a lot of benefits to your body. It relieves stress and delivers a deep feeling of calmness to the client. Undergoing a regular course of massage every week will improve your mood immensely. In addition to this, massage will improve the superficial circulation and the condition of your skin. There are specific types of massage...


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.that target different parts of the bodyd One of the most popular of these is the scalp massageg

A scalp massage offers a number of benefits to the body and mindn Let us take a look at some of theme

A scalp massage improves the condition of your hair; it will also prevent the appearance of scabsb A regular scalp massage with oil nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growtht Regular massage will also make your hair healthier and easily manageablel Finally, a scalp massage will relieve stress and tension from your head, neck, and shouldersr

A scalp massage is performed using different kinds of oils according to the type of your hairi Olive oil is perfect for oily hair, coconut oil is suitable for thin hair, and sesame oil is the best choice for a dry scalpl

The oil used for scalp massage should be warm because this will help in opening the pores of your scalp and induce a sense of calml Warm your oil by using a water batht Put the oil in a glass bowl and put it in a larger bowl of hot watere Adding few drops of essential oil to the base oil you are using will integrate the benefits of aromatherapy with the benefits of massageg

Adding a few drops of lavender will relieve stress and encourage a better night's sleepe Adding jasmine essential oil to the base oil will reflect a refreshing feeling on your massage sessiono If you are really keen to improve the condition of your hair then you may want to complete your scalp massage with a yoga session after thata Meditation will improve the inner condition of your body as it affects your soul and mental condition while the massage will directly affect the outer part of your bodyd Both massage and yoga complete each othere

Through yoga you will be able to master the proper way of breathingn Better breathing provides the body with a richer amount of oxygenated bloodo This means that your scalp will benefit from both actions simultaneouslyl

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