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(November 9, 2010)

Hair loss?

Practicing yoga for hair loss is a very effective form of treatment if you suffer from excessive hair loss. In fact, the good thing about practicing yoga poses for hair loss is that you are not only rejuvenating hair growth but also reaping the benefits that yoga will have on your entire body.
The Vajrasana (Diamond Pose) is considered one of the most effective yoga postures for hair loss. To perform this posture you should sit with your back straight on the ground. Let your legs stretch out fully while they remain close to each other. Keep both the palms of your hands to your right side and let your body’s entire weight rest on them. Fold your knees under you and sit on them. Then, bring the palms of your hands to rest on your right and left knees, respectively. Remain in the erect position and keep your breathing normal. If you suffer from knee pain or piles you should avoid performing this posture. It also improves digestion, and since poor digestion is one of the causes of hair loss, practice of this posture will help hair loss indirectly.
Performing yoga postures for hair fall also helps improve the circulation of blood in the head and combats stress, indigestion, and anxiety. As these factors are some of the main reasons of hair loss, practice of the yoga postures will be effective. Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog), Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose), Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend), and Salamba Sirsasana (Head Stand Pose) are other effective yoga postures for hair loss. These yoga postures help reduce mental stress and tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulder, which contribute to healthy hair.
Getting a head massage is also very effective in dealing with hair loss. By massaging your head gently with the tips of your fingers, the blood circulation in the scalp will be increased providing the nourishment for strong hair. Applying vitamin E oil will also help strengthen delicate hair. You should massage a few drops of this oil for a few minutes and leave it through the night. Practicing Pilates for hair loss can also be effective as the exercises work the body vigorously, which helps release stress and improves the overall functioning of the body.
Remember, that when combatting hair fall, diet is as important as exercise. Maintain a healthy diet consisting of the essential vitamins and nutrients along with your fitness program, so that hair loss can be effectively alleviated. Eating fruits like oranges, melons, and apples will also provide the proper vitamins that are needed reduce hair fall. You should also increase the intake of dairy products like cheese and eggs. By making the changes to your diet and adding an active yoga routine you can be certain of healthy and strong hair. Keep in mind that excessive hair fall may also be indicative of a serious underlying disease or disorder. Thus, it always better to consult a doctor first.

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Many people the world over are resorting to yoga for hair loss. Hair loss can occur due to many different reasons. These include stress, anxiety, a poor diet, and genetic factors and so on. Yoga is a beneficial way of stopping hair fall as it helps to calm a person down. Yoga has been known to have a calming effect on people who practice it. A person who is happy and healthier overall will naturally have healthier hair. The use of yoga for hair loss has become popular for a variety of other reasons. Reducing stress is one of the fundamental goals of yoga so any style of yoga will help one to do this. If stress is the reason behind the hair loss, then yoga will help to eliminate it and thereby promote hair growth. Research has shown that eliminating stress can reduce hair loss. Yoga is one way of doing this. Keep in mind that practicing yoga for hair loss will help to bring the condition under control, but it cannot be cured.

Some yoga asanas for hair loss include:-

  • Kapalabhati ( Frontal lobe cleansing technique) : This is a breathing exercise which promotes well being. Sit in a crossed leg position with your back, neck and head in a straight line. Relax your facial muscles and rest your hands on your knees. Take three deep breaths. Inhale deeply and then exhale, all the while contracting your abdominal muscles. Try to do 1 exhalation per second. Start with doing 1 round of 15 exhalations and gradually increase it to 30 and then 60.  Increase the number of rounds but take breaks in between.
  • Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand): Lie on your back. Inhale deeply and raise your legs until your toes point towards the ceiling. Your body should be resting on your shoulders and the back of your neck. Support your body with your hands which should be at the centre of your spine. Ensure that your legs and  spine are straight. Breathe deeply and concentrate on your thyroid gland.

You can also attempt to stop hair fall with yoga practices involving poses like these:-

  • Anuloma viloma (Alternative Breathing)
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)
  • Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)
  • Ustrasana (Camel Pose)
  • Vajrasana ( Diamond Pose)
  • Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose)
  • Pawanmuktasana (Wind Releasing Pose)
  • Sirsasana ( Headstand Pose)
Yoga is useful for hair loss and baldness too, provided the hair loss is not hereditary. Yoga helps in improving blood circulation and also provides better nutrition and oxygen to the follicles on the scalp. Yoga for hair loss baldness will improve your overall health and also remove some of the causes for the baldness.

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Yoga for Hair Fall 

Hair loss can be due different reasons like heredity, stress, genetic problems, hormonal imbalances, pollution, excessive use of chemicals and styling products and imbalanced diet. Yoga, pranayama and meditation are very beneficial to reduce the daily stress and thus helps to reduce the hair loss directly. Yoga asana like vajrasana and pawanmuktasana are especially beneficial to control hair loss. Besides you can try the following tips and remedies for hair loss –

  • Keep your scalp clean as far as possible, wash your hair every alternate day and apply conditioner at least once in a week. Brush your hair daily for better circulation of blood under the scalp; however avoid back combing as this can break hair from the shaft. Also do not apply conditioner on the scalp as this can promote hair loss.
  • Avoid using any harsh chemicals and many styling products to prevent hair loss.
  • Massage your hair with lavender oil, lavender oil has been proved to promote hair growth significantly.
  • Boil neem leaves in water, cool and strain this water. Use this water to wash hair. Neem oil can also be mixed with coconut oil in equal proportions and be used to massage the scalp.
  • Eat a balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, sprouts, eggs, fish, cereals and dairy products.


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