Hair fall remedy in Yoga

(September 12, 2010)

my hairs are falling at very much speed..they are becoming lean than before..i m loosing my head hairs badly...what i do?

There are many reasons for hair fall like genetic problems, heredity, stress, hormonal imbalances pollution, and also diet. Practicing mediation and the different forms of yoga for hair fall can be very effective, but you should keep in mind that some amount of hair fall is natural. Hair fall may also be caused by factors, some of which are irreversible like heredity, and using yoga for hair fall cannot reverse the natural process. Some of the yoga exercises for hair fall include the Downward facing dog, Standing forward bend, Camel pose, Shoulder stand, and Vajrasana. Yoga helps in reducing anxiety and stress which are major contributors to hair fall. The practice of these forms of yoga for hair fall helps by improving the circulation of blood in the head.
Yoga exercises for dandruff are those exercises which improve the blood circulation in the scalp and prevent the clogging of sebaceous glands, which is a major cause for dandruff. If your dandruff is severe you must consult a doctor and he or she may prescribe some shampoo to control it. Dandruff could also be due to poor diet or irregular hormones. By changing your diet and taking some natural dietary supplements you will be able to considerably reduce the dandruff.
By practicing the exercises of yoga for hair fall, baldness can also be prevented. However, if the baldness is due to genetics, practicing yoga will not be of much help. However, baldness is also caused by factors like high stress levels. Kundalini and Hatha yoga styles are considered to be very effective in dealing with stress. Pranayama or controlled breathing is also a useful yoga exercise. You must remember that yoga can help you deal with anxiety and stress that will slow the process of hair loss, but you will not be able to grow back any hair that is lost.
Practicing Shirshasana (Head Stand) and Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) postures is also helpful in preventing hair fall. You can also do the yoga exercise Surya Namaskar. This exercise consists of 12 postures which work out the entire body. Meditating for about 20 minutes a day is also effective in dealing with hair fall. Anulom Vilom is also an excellent form of yoga for releasing stress. To do this exercise you must begin by breathing in through one nostril, holding the breath, and then breathing out through the other nostril.
When you practice yoga for hair fall, you can prevent further falling of the hair as well as develop a healthy scalp. However, you must always seek medical advice to balance your treatment. You should not use yoga as the only solution but instead combine it with a good diet and medication, if prescribed by the doctor, to ensure satisfactory results.

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Hair fall remedy in Yoga 

In modern world due to industrialization and globalization, stress and depression has become common thus affecting the body including the hair leading to hair loss. Apart from this, people don't get time to take care of the hair like regular shampooing and conditioning, oiling the hair and having balanced diet that can improve the quality of hair.

Apart from regular care of the hair, yoga postures can help in relieving anxiety, stress and can improve blood circulation of the head.Vajrarasana can be useful in relieving stress. Bend the right leg on the knees. Sit in such a way that the right foot is under the right buttocks. In the same way, place the left leg under the left buttocks. Place the hands on the thighs. Sit straight and close your eyes. Breathe in through the nostrils and remain in this position for 3 minutes.

Ushtra asana can also be beneficial. Sit in such a way that the left heel is pressed against the left buttocks and right leg against the right buttocks. Inhale and lift the hips of the legs
Forming an arch with the back and tilt the head backwards as much as possible. Remain in this position for few seconds. Exhale and return back to the kneeling position.

Apart from the asana, breathing techniques and meditation can be useful for bringing the relaxed effect. Massaging of the head is also essential for better circulation of the head and improving the hair growth.

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