Breathing Problems

Breathing problems are very common in today’s world. In fact, only a very small percentage of people in this world breathe properly.

While some use only the upper part of their lungs, others breathe with only the diaphragm (the lower part) leaving our upper structures of the lungs dormant and partially collapsed. In these parts of the lung which are not used, slimy secretions get accumulated and the tissues become devitalized.


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Pranayama Breathing Techniques

This prepares a luxurious soil for the tubercle bacillus, pneumococcus and other scavenger germs and viruses. This habit of shallow breathing is responsible, in a good measure, for the fact that more that one third of all deaths is the result of diseases of the lungs. For one person dying of food starvation, there are thousands perishing from oxygen starvation.

Proper Breathing

Breathing problems can be corrected by Yoga with the practice of Pranayama. Pranayama has a number of methods and techniques which are designed for optimum capacity utilization of our lungs. This is something that most of us do not do. Yoga and pranayama also help us in regulating the temperature of our breath flow. In this way, they solve a number of problems related to breathing.

The efficacy of proper breathing exercises depends largely upon the mental attitude of the individual during the time of practice. Each inhalation and exhalation ought to be accompanied by a conscious effort, in order to make it produce the desired results.

A lot more can be achieved through mental concentration. Just by keeping our minds on what we are doing, rather than by performing exercises in an indifferent, aimless way we can improve our breathing. Yoga and meditation exercises are expressly designed to provide such a training.

You should never breathe through your mouth. It causes a lot of breathing problems later on. Nature has designed for us to breathe nasally, that outer air should reach our lungs by way of our nostrils. Their membranes are lined with tiny hairs and mucous that serves as excellent filters. The air is also warmed and moistened, in the bargain, before it reaches our lungs. This is extremely important.

Jala neti and sutra neti are also is highly recommended by Yogis and medical experts as ways of keeping your nasal passages clean and clear and breathing problems at bay.

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