Yoga Belt for Back and Knee Support

Yoga back and knee support belts are used by both men and women at any time when superior lumbar support is needed. These heavy-duty braces are designed to wrap around the lower back and attach in front on the abdomen.

There are models with suspenders, and some that use stays in order to maintain their structural integrity. Some braces even incorporate breathable fabric into their designs, so that the wearer may keep cool and comfortable.


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Most medical supply stores carry a number of back and knee support belts, from the best names in the industry. This online resources carry belts with Spandex back and knee support and one-and-a-half inch suspenders as well. This brace, normally, comes in extra small, regular, large, and 2X sizes, for customized support.

Another popular back and knee support belt is the core support belt. This brace is both affordable as well as comfortable. It is specially made of a breathable fabric to keep the wearer cool, and comes with double side pulls to keep it tight and supportive, all day long.

You can also choose the Spandex back and knee support without suspenders. This kind of model uses flexible stays to maintain its shape. People practising Yoga often find that they prefer braces without suspenders, as straps can get caught on props. This model has a special breathable elastic back panel and foam front panels. Medical supply stores carry other back support belts, besides lumbar pillows, rib belts, and a number of orthopedic supplies to keep your body strong and supported during Yoga practice.

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