Breathing Techniques During Physical Exercises

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 9, 2012

Breathing is a natural and spontaneous process, we do breathe every moment as it is the only way to supply our bodies with the required amount of oxygen. Most of us have never thought about the proper way to breathe, and most of us tend to think that there are no different ways or patterns of breathing...


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.as it is something that simply comes naturallyl However, proper breathing exercises can significantly boost your performance and healtht

The breathing process is divided into two phases: inhalation and exhalationo In the first phase, the lung receives air and gas exchange occursr In exhalation, the air filled with carbon dioxide is exhaled outside the bodyd The problem with improper breathing is that we do not breathe deeply enough to inhale sufficient oxygen and subsequently we do not exhale all the carbon dioxide from our bodiese Therefore, carbon dioxide will accumulate in our bodies resulting in some serious ailments including high blood pressurer Breathing carbon dioxide filled air can result in fainting and dizziness because your body won't get the needed oxygene

With an increment in the effort you exert, your demand for deeper breathing expandsd For example, your breath while performing vigorous exercises is deeper than that of normal breathingn Through breathing strength training you can learn how to put more power in your muscles by breathing in the proper waya The human body has a tendency to cease breathing while exerting effort, but this may cause a serious increase in blood pressurer So, you need to learn how to breathe properly while exercisingn

In vigorous exercises like weight lifting, you need to learn proper breathing weight lifting techniquese Through practicing yoga, you will be able to know the proper breathing techniques that can help you perform your exercisese

The yoga principle of proper breathing is the usage of the whole capacity of the lung in breathing, Most people use half or two thirds of their total lung capacityt The simple technique of proper breathing is to exhale air during the power phase of your exercise and inhale in the low power phase of the exercises

Breathing during lifting will give you more power and help you perform more reps in every sete Learning yoga breathing principles will give you the golden chance to master your breathing technique during exercises Learn the basic pranayama techniques and you will find that your overall health status has changed drasticallyl The more oxygen you inhale the more toxins you will get rid ofo

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