suggest asanas for hair loss/hair fall?

(August 27, 2008)

Hair loss is easy to combat with yoga. Certain general hair care is essential. A balanced diet is very important to prevent hair loss. Genes affect hair and this is difficult to change. But, certain efforts do help to reduce the same. Keep your hair clean. Avoid the use of harsh equipments (permers, hair dryers and curling rods), chemicals, especially ammonia based and so on. Gentle care is essential. Meditation and pranayama prove beneficial to alleviate hair fall. Yoga helps by increasing the circulation to the head, thereby prevents hair fall. But, care and proper knowledge of the same is vital and necessary, as improper practice leads to complications. Check out some asanas that are effective for hair loss!

Vajrasana: Kneel down with the legs parallel to each other. Sit on your feet, which is towards the roof and place the palm of your hands on the knees.
Pavanmuktasana: It is the wind relieving pose, as it provides relief from gas. Lie flat on the floor and bend your knees towards the chest. Inhale slowly. Lift your nose to touch the knees. Take the help of your shin for pressure. Stretch and relax.

Sarvangasana: It is known as shoulder stand, wherein the individual stands on the shoulder. Lie flat on the back. Bend your knees and lift the legs towards the head. Place it at 90 degree and then 130 degree. Touch the floor behind your head, with your toes. Keep your hands on the floor and push for support. Hold and release the legs at 90 degrees. Slowly, come back to the ground.

Camel pose: It is also referred to as Ustraasana. It is a pose which involves bending backward. Kneel on the floor with your thighs perpendicular to the floor. The thighs are compact with each other and place your hands behind above the buttocks. Bring your hands beneath the legs and bend behind. Reach your ankle and hold for thirty seconds.

A gentle massage with warm coconut oil is the best method to enhance the circulation to the scalp. It stimulates the follicles and rejuvenates them. Thus, a hair massage is effective for hair problems. Olive oil is also a good substitute for coconut oil. Egg yolk is also effective. A diet rich in protein, in the form of animal foods is helpful. Chicken, fish, lean meat, egg white are some of them. Legumes, pulses and dhal are the vegetarian replacements.

Submitted by A V on August 27, 2008 at 04:38

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