yoga for hair fall

(November 15, 2007)

How can i reduce hair fall?i need some of the yoga postures which might help reduce hair fall.

Yoga will not help your re-grow hair.  Baldness is caused by a combination of stress and genetics.  Because of this, if you can reduce the stress in your life, you may be able to reduce the amount of hair that you are losing – but remember; you will not grow new hair.

Any type of yoga should help reduce stress.  If you are a beginner, try some of the less intensive yoga styles, such as Hatha yoga.  Even a few Sun Salutations in the morning and evening may help reduce your stress greatly.  Make sure you receive proper instruction on how to complete the Sun Salutations if you are a beginner.  If you are more advanced, try some of the more intensive yoga styles, such as Power yoga or Ashtanga yoga.  Combined with daily meditation, this will certainly reduce the stress in your life.

Finally, pranayama (or yogic breathing) has been considerably effective in reducing stress in daily practice.  Of particular interest is fire breathing.  Fire breathing is quick, rapid breathing.  Take a deep breath into your belly and then make 10 quick breaths outward through your mouth, feeling your stomach while you breathe out.

Submitted by R W on November 15, 2007 at 04:42

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