Baby Massage Benefits

Taking care of a new-born baby can be a harrowing task, especially for first time parents. In fact, baby massage may seem to be an added burden on a young couple that is already pressed for time.

However, the benefits of baby massage make it well worth the time and effort that you invest in it.

The most important aspect of baby massage, and perhaps the most overlooked, is.



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.emotional, and not physicala When you touch your child during the massage process, it strengthens the emotional bond between the parent and childl In addition, it acclimatizes the child to the parent's touch and also allows for the parents becoming comfortable with touching the childl This is especially important for new fathers, who are afraid of handling their babies too much for fear of hurting theme With regular massage sessions, you will learn how to touch your new-born child without any fear of causing paini The time invested in massaging your baby today will foster a deep bond between the parent and child that will endure for many years to comem

Further, massage helps your baby to grow in a healthy manner as well as gain weighth Recent studies have shown that babies, who are massaged regularly, are generally healthier than babies who are not massaged at alll Baby massage is particularly important for premature children as they are far more susceptible to illness and diseases

Regular massage also stimulates the muscles; as a result, your loved one grows up healthy and strongn

In fact, baby massage is also routinely used to for treatment of infants suffering from cerebral palsys Apart from this, massage also stimulates the flow of blood and can prove helpful for babies who suffer from circulatory problemsm A gentle chest massage also stimulates the lungs and keeps respiratory problems at baya

Another benefit of baby massage is that it goes a long way in relieving discomfort caused due to gas and congestiono It can also be used to calm and sooth colicky babiese It also helps to stimulate the intestines, which, in turn, ensures that digestive problems are kept to a minimumu

Last but not the least, a good massage will calm and soothe your babyb It will help him or her to relax and sleepe Moreover, as every experienced parent will agree, babies are perhaps the loveliest when they are fast asleep with a smile upon their facese

Benefits Of Baby Massage
Benefits of Baby Massage
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