What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy uses water for soothing pain and providing relief to people suffering from various diseases resulting from numerous chronic ailments. It was also known as Hydropathy in the initial days of its origin.

It uses several essential oils and incense in association with water for the treatment of various diseases.

Hydrotherapy Benefits


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Hydrotherapy Benefits

Spring water is considered to be the best kind of water for the constitutional hydrotherapy. Several benefits of hydrotherapy can be seen in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. It is also recommended for ailments like arthritis, spondylitis, spinal cord ailments as well as it also provide comfort to the people suffering from burns and physical traumas. It can also be used in the treatment of orthopaedic ailments and helps in restoring the neurological conditions in most people.

Hydrotherapy Treatments

Heat treatment can be used to provide relief from pain of the muscles anywhere in the body. It can be accomplised with the mix of hot and cold body showers so as to provide alternative hot - cold treatment to the body thereby providing comfort to the people with the aid of hydrotherapy.

Cool pads work best for the treatment of colon inflammation and serves as colon hydrotherapy. Cold pads can also be used for the treatment of fever as well as certain stomach ailments. They can be applied to limbs as well as forehead to get relief from the fever, which affects the body and renders it weak.

Hot steam bath can also be used as a part of bionic hydrotherapy. Exposure to steam provides the required warmth to the body and helps in natural repair of body.

Hot and cold pads can provide stimulation to the nerves and different body parts. Lamp bath can be used in association with hydrotherapy to include the essence and advantages of ligth therapy for better results. Local baths can be used for the foot and head. It helps reduce the chronic inflammation and lets the body regain the vigor and vitality for the dialy chores. It also helps in the reduction of the local congestions.  Submersive hydrotherapy works well in the treatment of affected arm, hip and leg due to trauma. It involves immersion of the body in the pool of either hot or cold water depending on the kind of trauma affecting the body. Benefits of hydrotherapy are immense and one should use this therapy for the wellness of the body even when one is not affected by any kind of trauma or physical impairment.

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