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(July 25, 2008)

I have been constantly suffering from cough for about 9 months i.e. alternatively every month. Some of them said that it is due to less resistive power in my body. Please, give me your suggestion.

Chronic and recurrent cough must be investigated by a medical practitioner to determine the cause and the underlying reason for its recurrence. It is possible that due to the immune system being weak cough and cold is likely to recur. However a cough that has lasted for more than nine months certainly requires a detailed examination by a doctor to verify the cause and prescribed the necessary medication. As a complimentary form of treatment yoga is ideal in building your defense system in the body to combat virus and bacterial attacks. Much emphasis is given on deep breathing techniques in yoga, and it is precisely this particular element that helps an individual cope with cough and cold. Deep breathing techniques in yoga such as anuloma and vilomas in addition to Kapalbhati and Pranayama works effectively on the respiratory system for short-term as well as long term relief. In addition to practicing these deep breathing techniques, it is also advisable that you consume a teaspoon of honey with a fresh concoction of holy basil leaves at bedtime every night, to soothe the throat. Some basic yoga position such as the yoga shoulder stand which is also known as Sarvangasana is ideal to deal with the problem of cough and cold. Another important yogasana is the Bow pose or the Dhanurasana. Yoga cat pose is also ideal in regulating them the respiratory system and improving the immunity in the body.

All these yogasanas are known to work on the respiratory organs and enhance its performance. A daily practice of yoga and deep breathing exercises will help you in dealing with the cough and improve your breathing techniques.

Yoga pays a great deal of attention the quality of breath during the practice of yogasana, because of the tremendous role of breath in the maintenance of overall health. According to yoga principles, the breath is highly important in the development of positive energy from the air in the body and it also balances the nervous system and improves concentration and focus. Any such imbalance in the breathing of an individual decreases the ability to create positive energy from breath thus building in environment for disorders and diseases. The main aim of yoga therefore is to strike the right balance between mind and body by improving the breathing technique of an individual and correcting it, so as to enhance the effectiveness of yoga exercises for the body.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:00

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