Importance & Health Benefits Of Utkatasana

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 2, 2012

Utkatasana is also known as the Powerful or Fierce yoga pose. This pose is similar to you sitting on a chair, except that you have to balance yourself without a chair. Many call this pose the Chair Pose. Even though sitting on a chair continuously for...


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.8 - 10 hours at your workplace may not prove beneficiali But 'not sitting' on a non-existent chair helps you with so many benefitsi

Every pose of yoga teaches you something uniqueq The name given to each asana does not reflect just a name but an inner thought which is needed to know that feelingi When we talk about this asana it becomes very important to know that it does not talk about fierce or power in an attacking mannern

The power or fierceness would signify the importance that every part of your body tries to attaina Here the imaginary chair helps you find that power, the power by which your sitting pose can be achieved without any supporto Learning this would also let you know about your strength and stamina to hold this poseo

The pose is actually easy to perform unlike many other yoga poses which look easy but are very hard to do The pose helps to stimulate the diaphragm and the heart which provides the extra power for the entire body to work its magicg The strength which drives this pose is in your pelvis which helps you to maintain that sitting position for a very long timei

This pose seems to be very simple but while doing this pose you have benefited in so many ways, you yourself will be astonishedh There is fervor in your body due to this asana helps to strengthen it even moreo Your overall body strength is boosted with this asanaa Your pelvis opens up helping you with your spine and backa

Women suffering from menstrual cramping are provided a relief by doing this asanaa Your lower muscles gets toned and entire muscle structure gets a proper shape due to the stress and pressure appliedi Your butt which looks extra big due to the fat which is accumulated is also cleared, giving it proper shapea

It is very good for digestion and other problems you face with your immune systemt The constant suffering from arthritis of the knees can be treated by regularly performing this poseo Your stiff body achieves flexibility in the ankles as well as toeso You can also reduce your flat fleete

It also helps in relieving pains which your suffer at the jointsn Your sciatica pain gets proper care by doing this asanaa It also helps your liver, intestines and pancreas which get a good massage to work more efficientlyt

Performing any of the asanas without consulting your doctor or yoga instructor can be fatalt Specially, if you are a person who hasn't exercised his/her entire life and is now attempting to get into that groove, it is better to be safe than sorryr

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