Improve Your Overall Balance with Yoga

Submitted by Matt Papa on January 29, 2013

Yoga balance is one of the most important goals and one of the biggest benefits of Yoga. Greater balance can be seen not just in a good physical coordination but to in other balances as well. That is between the left and right, front and back and high and low parts of a person's body. As far as physical balance goes, very few of people are well balanced. Most of us are normally stronger on say the right side but weaker on the left side.


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In the same way, most of us are able to turn their head or twist their spine more in one direction than in another. Likewise, we are able to bend forward easily but the same is not the case backwards.

Misalignment and imbalance in various parts of a person's physique causes stress and tension.

A number of times this can also cause injury and pain, not just physical discomfort. Yoga helps in developing physical balance and harmony. Further, Yoga develops equilibrium and balance throughout a person's body. This makes the Yoga practitioner strong, flexible and balanced.

But, best of all Yoga also develops mental balance. The protracted practice of Yoga creates in the practitioner, the impulse to yield, submit and be passive by overcoming the urge to push, control, and be assertive. This way, Yoga helps us attain a balanced attitudinal equilibrium. But the mental benefits of Yoga balance, once perceived and experienced, cannot be forgotten. They outweigh all other benefits, except perhaps, the spiritual benefits. Yoga being all about union (Yujir Yogey the root, meaning to join, to yoke, to put together, to unite) it teaches us to yoke all our energies together in one balanced, harmonious whole. It's all a case of mind over matter, really. The more you come to think of it, the simpler and easier it becomes to understand. And, once put into practice, the benefits of Yoga balance are, indeed, enormous.

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