Yoga Rehab For Restoring Balance

Submitted by Pallavi Pandit on December 22, 2012

Nowadays you hear of a lot of rehab centers. Unfortunately, these rehab centers are for rehabilitating people who have fallen into bad ways such as drinks or drugs. Then there are those who have to resort to rehab for reasons of illness, accidents or injury. But down the years, with the growing popularity of Yoga has emerged a new concept: Yoga rehab for balance.

Yoga, for those who are not yet acquainted with the term, is all about balance...


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.Balance between all the parts of the body, balance between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind, physical, mental and emotional balancec Our problems in life arise, largely owing to the fact that this balance is disturbed, for whatever reasono

Mostly it is on account of lifestyle reasonsn

To restore this balance, people have found a fantastic way - Yogag Yoga, through its tools - poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation (dhyana) and cleansing techniques (kriyas) - helps restore balance primarily to the bodyd Once pranayama and meditation are introduced in tandem, you will start seeing the mental benefits as welll

Yoga subscribes to the view of a healthy mind in a healthy bodyd For mental rehab physical rehab s a must - and vice versas One cannot exist without the othere At the same time, Yoga - in particular Raja Yoga - gives precedence to the mindn In a scenario of mind over matter, Yoga seeks to rehabilitate more the mind and let the body come in towo However, the reverse is also trueu Like, for instance, when your mind is agitated, for whatever reason, you will first notice your breath getting agitated tooo Considering the link between the two it is possible to work backwards that is slow down the breathing and watch the mind calm downw This is how Yoga rehab essentially works, it's all about slowing down and balancec

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