What is Movement Therapy?

Movement therapy uses the medium of dance to promote well being and balance the body and the mind. It allows the body to understand and express the suppressed desires of the mind and thereby permits integration of the mental and physical aspects of a human being into one harmonious whole.

How does Movement Therapy work?


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How does Movement Therapy work?

Dance is one of the most primordial forms of expression and is used by human beings as well as animals. As we grow older, the needs of modern day society force us to grow more and more disconnected with our primeval selves. Basic desires and wants are suppressed to conform to the mores of an artificial society. Movement therapy allows the individual to understand these needs and to express them through the body. Trained movement therapists are able to interpret these outward manifestations of the psyche and formulate a course of treatment. In this manner, movement therapy not only helps to treat emotional and psychological problems but also allows the patient's body to regain its harmony with the mind.

Movement therapy can be used with people belonging to different age groups. Although the diagnostic process is simpler in children as they have not has the time to sufficiently subvert their true selves into a false persona, trained therapists are able to diagnose and help even adults who are suffering from many emotional scars. Thus, movement therapy uses the medium of dance to asses, diagnose and ultimately heal people with psychological and emotional wounds.

It allows the therapist to transcend the constraints placed by spoken language and instead gives them the latitude to diagnose a patient's ailments by studying their body and movement patterns.

What are the benefits of Movement Therapy?

Movement therapy can reduce stress and improve a patient's self esteem. It allows people to recognize and deal with suppressed emotions that may hinder a person's physical and emotional development. It also helps people understand the capabilities of their body and its limitations. Movement therapy enables the mind and the body to work in tandem harmoniously as it is designed to do. It helps in building confidence and a positive self image. It teaches people to be assertive and helps develop ones inner charisma. Movement therapy is especially recommended for those who are involved in the arts as it can help to release mental blocks and fosters the development of creativity.

Movement Therapy
Movement Therapy
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