Gyrotonic Pilates

As the term suggests, Gyrotonic Pilates are a combination of Gyrotonic and Pilates physical exercise systems. These two techniques are often combined in order to gain maximum benefit.

The combined technique is also gaining momentum all over the world just like each of them.



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Gyrotonic is an exercise system that was originated in United States of America in the mid 1960s. It was invented by a ballet dancer after his dancing career came to a halt due to a permanent injury. Gyrotonic exercise system involves the usage of swimming, yoga, tai chi, dance and gymnastics. In order to do the Gyrotonic exercises, you need a Professional Pulley Tower. This equipment is required in order to do the Gyrotonic exercises. This piece of equipment is considered to be completely safe and does not cause any kind of injuries compared to other exercise equipments. Gyrokinesis exercises are a major part of Gyrotonic system. The Gyrokinesis exercise movements are quite similar to swimming and dancing. It also resembles Yoga exercise techniques. It is believed that these types of exercises help the body to be extremely flexible and free from diseases. People performing Gyrokinesis exercises everyday can help relax the body to a great extent.


Pilates is another physical exercise system which is quite similar to Gyrotonic. It was invented in the 20th century and has been a very popular concept in the United States. The Pilates exercises comprise of yoga techniques, ballet movements, acrobatics and even dancing. The exercises are either done on a specialized mat or with the use of special equipments.

The Reformer is one of the widely used equipments for Pilates exercises. Most of the Pilates exercises include stretching of various body parts. While performing these exercises, it is very important to take control of your posture. An improper posture may cause serious injuries. Proper breathing is also very important in this case. Since Pilates has been a very well-known concept, you will find a practitioner or a Pilates exercise center in your city. It is recommended to do Pilates exercises on a daily basis in order to achieve good health and a flexible body.

Gyrotonic and Pilates exercises should be performed on a daily basis. These exercises will help you attain an agile and flexible body. It will also help you in strengthening the muscles and hence making your mind sharper. Since both are a very popular concept in the United States, you will find a class quite easily. You may also hire a personal trainer which could be more beneficial. Gyrotonic and Pilates exercises should be performed on a daily basis in order to achieve its benefits. Apart from being exercise systems, Gyrotonic Pilates are a holistic way of achieving better health.

Gyrotonic Pilates
Gyrotonic Pilates
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