Kriya Massage

Kriya massage is a kind of massage which helps to overcome physical and psychological fatigue. It is a relaxation technique that contributes to overall health of the individual. It is a wholesome approach to fight emotional exhaustion. It contributes to a number of benefits.

It helps to overcome all kinds of tiredness. The work efficiency and health of the individual is improved. The need of the individual determines the course of the massage.



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.It enhances the flow of blood or circulationo This massage also reduces stress and stress related problemsm It increases the depth of breathing and eases all kinds of tensiono

The kriya massage practitioners or therapists are highly experienced and dedicatede The massage is adjusted according to the individual's needsd Recovery from wounds and injuries is the primary objective of this massageg Chronic pain associated with the system is reduced by this massageg

Kriya massage is useful for injury prevention and for their treatmentn The imbalances related to the body are rectified, such as neurological, motor and sensory dysfunctiono The other benefits of kriya massage are relief from muscle tension, improves sleep, increases circulation, increases mental clarity, releases unexpressed emotions, enhances digestion and provides relaxationo The environment is friendly and devoid of stresss It soothes all kinds of paini Kriya massage is effective in providing relief from headache and backacheh

The action of universal flow of energy through the sense of touch is the principle behind this techniqueu The strokes are peculiar and the patterns used commonly are spirals, eight shaped figures and circlese Non stop motion helps in achievement of associated successs

Traditional massage in conjunction with energy techniques are the secret behind an effective kriya massageg It is also referred to as the immediate spur of movement or energy movement in a spontaneous mannere The touch and the intuitive skills of the therapist are vital for recoveryr It revitalizes and rejuvenates the bodyd It integrates and coordinates the energy between the client and the therapists This energy which is rendered by touch is helpfulu

The awareness of the connection between the body and mind is achieved by Kriya massageg  Relief from stress and enhancement in posture are the other benefitst Circulation of the lymphatic system and circulatory system is improved, thereby helps in recovery from illnessese Kriya massage utilises a combination of neuromuscular, Swedish massage and somato emotional energy release workr Transformation of attitude is yet another goal of kriya massageg

Kriya Massage
Kriya Massage
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