Reflexology Massage and its Benefits

Reflexology as a form of therapy dates back to ancient Egypt, China and India. It was then lost in the mists until being revived in the early 1900's by modern day medical practitioners.

Reflexology works on the principle that certain areas, or pressure points, on the hands and feet, are linked to the different organs of the body. The application of pressure on these pressure points is said to stimulate the flow of energy and improve.



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Difference between Palm Therapy and Reflexology

.the functioning of the associated organsn Massage therapy has also been a part of traditional medicine for untold centuries as is rapidly increasing in popularity as one of the best known forms of alternative therapy in the modern worldl Reflexology massage combines the better best of these two systems of traditional medicinen Massage therapists trained in reflexology can give a soothing massage and at the same time stimulate the pressure point to provide the benefits of reflexologyg Reflexology massage aims to heal the entire body instead of focusing on specific symptomsm

How Does Reflexology Massage Workr

Reflexology massage is based on the principle that when a pressure point is stimulated, a signal is generated which travels along the central nervous system to the braini From the brain, this signal is routed to the corresponding organ, and stimulates the organ into correcting any imbalancese Massage therapy stimulates the circulatory system and the lymphatic system, and when these two systems are combined, as in reflexology massage, the benefits to the body are increased tenfoldl

What Are The Benefits Of Reflexology Massageg

Reflexology massage helps to improve the functioning of depressed organsn

It also helps to strengthen the underlying muscles and tissue by stimulating the flow of blood to the musclese Massage helps to relieve aches and pains and facilitates the release of endorphins in the bodyd Reflexology massage is also very beneficial in relieving stress and tensiono It relaxes and re-energizes the entire bodyd


Reflexology massage is a highly specialized therapy that require an in depth knowledge of the reflexology zones of the bodyd It should only be attempted by properly trained practitionersr Most qualified massage therapists learn about reflexology in order to enhance the benefits of massage therapyp

Reflexology massage is also used to complement traditional allopathic forms of medicinen In case of serious ailments, always consult your doctor and follow the prescribed treatment and medicationo In such cases, reflexology massage should only be carried out as an adjunct to the main treatment if your doctor agreese

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