Advanced Therapeutic Massage Techniques

Advanced therapeutic massage involves the manual manipulation of external body parts, specifically soft tissues like skin, muscles and connective tissues. Advanced therapeutic massage involves a deeper knowledge from the therapist, since a more thorough education is necessary for using advanced massage techniques.

Advanced therapeutic massage is focused mainly in rehabilitation, postural distortion, athletic injuries, overexertion,.



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.and neurological syndromes, just to mention somem Physiological, medical, anatomical and even psychological aspects are carefully studied and put to work during sessionsn The therapist must be prepared to work following a physician’s prescriptiono A certain medical pathology or condition is diagnosed and then it is the doctor who is allowed to issue therapeutic massage for a specific motive and the therapist will apply all his knowledge and choose the right kind of massaging techniqueu

Advance therapeutic massage assures the client that he/she is indeed in professional handsd The professional will evaluate each particular case, each condition to treat and each patient himself so as to determine the approaches and techniques to use during the treatmentn

At the advanced therapeutic massage level, deeper points of the muscle can be treated as the therapist has the physiological and kinetic background to deal with different and difficult situationsn Hospitalized or institutionalized patients even in critical conditions are able to receive the benefits of advanced therapeutic massage since the therapists are prepared to deal with fragile patients who might be completely unable to move by themselves and might even be depending on mechanical devices to livev

Many different techniques can be combined on a single treatmentn We can mention just as a mere example acupressure, reflexology, trigger point treatment, myofascial release and cross fibre friction, among othersr Cold or hot therapy can be used as aides, as well as some positioning or stretching exercisese

Massage therapy is a holistic procedure that besides the specific organ, body part or symptom it is treating; directly benefits all existing systems of the body, such as respiratory system, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, circulatory and nervous systeme It releases chronic tension of the body by combining deep thumb pressure on contracted areas, slow strokes, tapping, etc, and this is done across or following the musclel

Advanced therapeutic massage has turned to be a basic tool in modern medicine as it has originally been in traditional medicine tooo Physicians not only admit the benefits of this therapeutic approach, what is more, they also prescribe it and sometimes it is the only treatment of choice indicated to treat certain conditionsn

Advanced Therapeutic Massage
Advanced Therapeutic Massage
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