What is Naprapathy?

Naprapathy is a type of massage that relieves pain from the tendons, ligaments and muscles. The overall health of the connective tissues is the main emphasis of naprapathy. It alleviates stress and related tension and ensures overall healing.

Cartilage, ligaments fascia, disc and tendons are connective tissues. Imbalances in the connective tissue resulting in tightness or loose muscles result in pain. Constrictions in the connective tissues obstruct.



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.the circulation of lymphatic fluid and bloodo Naprapathy removes the interferences at the nerve level, thereby removing the blockages to the various organs, devoid of any interferencec

This also ensures the opening up of various channelsl This ensures a free and rapid energy flow, which in turn rejuvenates the body and the effectiveness of the various parts in the bodyd The performance level of the body improvese

A sophisticated manipulation of the vertebrae and certain joints are the manual techniques to increase muscle mobilityt The practitioner of naprapathy is referred to as a naprapatht The naprapaths discusses with the individuals regarding their stress levels and physical activityt The naprapath then ensures normal functioning of the individual’s system using Naprapathyh Naprapaths do not recommend allopathic medicationsn They do allow supplements and natural medicines that aid as immune boostersr

The body is rehabilitated by gentle exercisese They recommend regular physical exercise and a nutritious diet to rejuvenate the bodyd Therapeutic stretches and exercises that are specifically designed for the individual are recommendede A elucidate or elaborate nutritional procedure also proves beneficiala The lifestyle modification, dietary regimen and supplementation are recommended on the basis of a questionnaire and certain biochemical parametersr Certain other adjunctive therapies are used in conjunction with naprapath, such as traction, orthopaedic supports, hot packs or cold packs, electro therapy, rehabilitative exercises and tractiono

Naprapathic treatment benefits include:

  • increase in flexibility and movement
  • improvement in self healing capacity of the body
  • relief from pain
  • dramatic reduction in stress
  • increase in mental and physical energy levels and
  • increase in the performance levels of the digestive systeme

Naprapathy proves beneficial in certain health conditions such as spasms, neck pain, migraine, low back pain, migraine, and tennis elbow, shoulder pain, whiplash, structural headaches, sprain and strains and sciaticac Healthy people with no ailments, but lots of pain are also helped by this techniqueu Individuals with poor sleeping habits, faulty posture, trauma, falls, work related injuries, decreased mobility and so on also enjoy the benefits of naprapathyh Anybody who has faced an accident or those with work related injuries are also benefitede

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