Head & Scalp Massage Techniques

People today find different ways to deal with the excessive levels of stress that they go though in their day to day lives. Techniques like yoga, deep breathing, meditation and acupressure are known to help relieve stress in a person.

However, there is one technique which could cause the muscles in different parts of the body to relax, leading to stress reduction and relaxation for a longer period of time. There are several people who visit health spas, salons or.



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Scalp Massage- A Stress Buster

.even fitness centers, to get professional massages, such as a head massage, a back massage, a neck massage, and so ono In spite of the fact that there are several types of massages that people can use, head massage techniques remain the most popular, for relaxation purposese

Good Head Massage Techniques

Good head massage techniques basically include a combination of different pressure points, right positioning and strokes as these aspects tend to play a very critical role while giving a good head massageg Head massages have been very popular in different parts of the world for a very long time and till date head massage methods are considered to be one of the best massage techniques availablel Some of the benefits of the techniques of the Indian head massage are that a head massage is known to be an effective stress relievere A sensual shoulder massage can also be combined with the head massage techniques thereby allowing the person to be relax the muscles of their shoulders, neck, head as well as backc Head massage techniques if practices correctly can be very effective in providing relief from acute and chronic headachese In fact many a times it has been observed that a good head massage plays a very important role in the individual achieving sound sleep and it also helps in the rejuvenation of the brain cellsl The techniques of the Indian head massage which is also known as Champissage is based on the principles of alternative medicine and hence revolves around surrounding chakras or flow of energyg In fact the techniques of the Indian head massage have been used by Ayurvedic healers since ancient times on account of their effectivenesss One of the head massage techniques is to always use natural or herbal oils while administering the massage as it provides the required nutrition to the hair making the hair healthy and strong and even contributes to stopping hair losss

Some of the popular oils used for a head massage are neem oil, avocado oil, olive oil and so ono In fact the oil obtained from the coconut is known to provides the hair with immense nutrition and also be extremely healthy on the wholel One of the good head massage techniques is to spread ones fingers on the head and then stroke the head gently in an downward and upward movementn Pressure should be applied on the head only using ones fingertipsp The direction of the fingers should be changes after every few minutese After moving the fingers upwards and downwards, they should now be moved anticlockwise and clockwises The pressure should be applied to the back of the head and the sides only using ones knuckles to enable the person to feel relaxede Thereafter one needs to pull the top of the ears with their fingers till they are able to hear a kind of a cracking sound which helps in reducing tension and also in expanding the ear musclese Finally using ones index finger and thumb one should apply pressure on the eyebrows to get instant relief from a headacheh This head massage technique should be concluded by closing the eyes and then very gently massaging the sockets with only the index fingere The techniques of the Indian head massage are known to be very beneficial for providing relief from fatigue, insomnia, stress, sinuitis, migraines, increasing ones mental clarity, hair loss, scalp tension and hair thinningn

Head massage techniques are a combination of different strokes, pressure points and the right positioningn All these aspects play a very important role in order to give the right head massageg Head massage has been a very popular concept all over the world for hundreds of years and is still regarded to be one of the best massage techniquese

Benefits of a Head Massage:

Apart from relaxation and stress reduction, there are several other benefits that can be enjoyed, by massaging the muscles of the heada In fact, most women visit their hair specialists on a regular basis just try a scalp massage for hair growth enhancementn However, to maximize the effectiveness of the various head and scalp massage techniques, it is important to make sure that you give yourself a scalp massage, using warm oil, at least once a week, on a long term basisi

Given below are some of the benefits that have been associated with massing the muscles on the head on a regular basis:

  • A head massage is considered to be a very effective stress relievere The head massage helps the person relax the muscles of the head, shoulders, neck and even backc
  • A head massage is also known to relieve both chronic and acute headacheh
  • A head massage is considered to rejuvenate the brain cellsl
  • A head massage is very instrumental for achieving a sound sleepe

  • Conditioning and lubricating the scalp, thereby preventing flakiness and drynesss
  • Enhancing the vibrancy of the hair & adding to its luster by spreading natural oil
  • Increasing the circulation of blood to the scalp and neck area
  • Preventing excessive hair fall and split-ends
  • Promoting the growth of new hair and adding strength to the existing hair
  • Protecting the hair from the harmful effects of certain elements, like the harsh sun
  • Relaxing the scalp and increasing flexibility
  • Relieving stress very effectively
  • Replenishing and rejuvenating hair that has been dry and damaged
  • Softening the hair and making it easier to manage
  • Strengthening the roots of the hair, by nourishing the hair shafts

Head And Scalp Massage Tips

There are several health experts, who may also advise people to try out massage techniques for headaches, not just for managing pain, but also for relieving adverse psychological feelings, like depression and anxietyt Certain styles of massage, like sensual head massage techniques and Indian head massage techniques are more popular amongst certain people, as compared to othersr However, it is very important to use the right massage techniques, or else it could have adverse side effects on the bodyd Therefore, in case you are visiting a spa or a saloon, make sure that the masseuse is well versed with different neck, foot, face, hand and shampoo massage techniquese

A basic head massage technique is to apply the right amount of pressure on the head by the use of fingers and thumbsb You can also use your fists and knuckles in order to apply extra pressurer Some of the effective head massage techniques are as follows:-

  • Head some warm oil in a small bowl and soak your fingers in iti Spread the oiled soaked fingers over the scalp and stroke it gently downwards and upwardsd Using your fingertips, apply slight pressure on the muscles of the scalp and the neck to help the head relaxa
  • Every few minutes alter the direction of your fingers so that you cover the entire head in a single scalp massage procedurer Move your fingers upwards and then downwards, starting with the clockwise direction and then moving to the anti-clockwise directiono The positions should preferably be switched every five minutes or sos
  • In good head massage techniques pressure is applied on the sides and the back of the head, with the knucklese This is one of the most effective head massage moves for instant relaxationo
  • In order to give a good scalp massage, which is thorough and complete, you should pull the tops of the ears with the fingers, till a cracking sound is evidentn This is an indication that the muscles in the ears are expanding and the tension is being releasede
  • Pressure should also be applied on the eyebrows with the help of the index finger and the thumbm This too, is an effective technique for relieving stress and a headache
  • To wind up a head massage, the eyes should be closed and gentle pressure should be applied on the sockets of the eyes, with the index fingersr

The type of oil that is used during a massage is almost as important, as the massage techniques that are usede Apply herbal and natural oils to the heada It provides nutrition which makes the hair strong, healthy and stops hair losss There are various hair oils available in the market which can be purchased easilyl Some of the popular hair oils include neem oil, Indian gooseberries oil, olive oil, avocado oil and many morer Coconut oil is considered to be extremely healthy and it provides immense nutritiono

Massage Strokes

There are many different strokes that can be used during the course of a massageg Given below are some of the most common strokes that expert masseuses use:

  • Gliding strokes are used the most frequently, throughout a massage sequencec These stokes can range, from being feather-light to firm and reassuringn
  • Kneading is generally used for reducing stress in a particular area
  • Draining refers to the light and medium strokes, which improve circulation and stretch the muscles
  • The pulling stroke is used to stretch and pull the muscles in the trunk as well as the legs
  • Wringing is a lot like pulling is, but it is the most effective in relieving stress in the limbs

Some of the other strokes, which can be used are friction strokes, percussive strokes, hacking, cupping and plucking or pinchingn

Studies indicate that using a head massage for headaches can help relieve the pain and discomfort to a great extent, but the relief is usually only short livede While it is alright to use a head massage for a headache on a few occasions, it is important to ensure that you consult a doctor, if the headaches are too frequentn There could be certain medical conditions or even eyesight problems, which lead to frequent headaches in peoplel

Head Massage Techniques
Head Massage Techniques
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