What Is Vortex Healing?

Vortex Healing is an ancient healing art that was developed in India more than five thousand years ago. It found its way to Britain and eventually died out, until it was resurrected in the 1990's.

Vortex healing channels the divine energy of the universe to heal the body and the mind. It is a holistic method of cleansing negative energies from the body and mind and reestablishing one's connection to the universal energy.


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How Does Vortex Healing Work?

In order to understand how Vortex healing works, it is necessary to understand its history. Vortex healing derives its name from a healing energy vortex that was created by eight divine beings in ancient India. Awareness of this divine vortex was passed onto the famous Merlin clan of England. In fact the famous Merlin the magician of King Arthur fame is the fifth of the Merlin clan. Knowledge of the Vortex again died out with the last of the Merlins until it was resurrected in the 1990's.

This healing energy vortex can only be channeled by someone who has been initiated into the art by direct transmission from a certified teacher. Once this initiation has been carried out, a person can tap into this inter-dimensional vortex and channel its energy to heal the ailments of others.

A typical session of Vortex healing begins with a full consultation. Once the diagnosis has been made and the areas that require healing identified, the actual treatment can begin.

The patient lies down on a table and the healer places his or her hands on either side of the affected area. The Vortex energy is then channeled into the patient's body via the healer's hands. While the energy is being channeled, the patient many experience a warm or tingling sensation.

What Are The Benefits Of Vortex Healing?

Vortex healing is a holistic system of therapy that channels the healing energy of the vortex to provide relief from various ailments. Some of the benefits of Vortex healing include release of stress and anxiety, treatment of depression, pain relief, relief from menstrual cramps, and reduced blood pressure. Vortex healing can also help alleviate joint problems in the knees, shoulder or ankles.

As Vortex healing is an energy-based healing system it does not require forceful manipulation of the muscles or tissue. It channels divine healing energy directly to the patient's body and can safely be used on children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Vortex Healing
Vortex Healing
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