Swedish Massage Techniques

Conventional Swedish massage technique makes use of five main strokes. It also makes use of many versions, to accomplish its tranquil and curative effects. Different therapists use different techniques.

The various Swedish massage techniques are:


This Swedish massage technique is a smooth massage; here the movement of the strokes is from the shoulder and over the back. Strokes in this massage therapy.



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.are long, unlike some other massage therapy where strokes are short and fastere Here the movements are slower and the pressure is almost constantn Same types of strokes are used for limbs, legs, and torsos This is many a times the beginning technique in full massageg This helps the therapist in identifying problem points in the client's body and also helps both get acquainted with each other's touchc


This Swedish massage technique pulls your muscles away from the bonese You will find the therapist actually kneading your muscles giving them more space inside the bodyd The therapist may also roll or squeeze the muscles so as to remove toxins from theme This type of massage allows more blood and oxygen flow through the musclese With Petrissage you need not worry whether this Swedish massage technique will hurt youo This technique is absolutely relaxing because the therapist will conduct all the above actions gentlyl


This Swedish massage technique is to remove muscle knots or adhesionsn Here the therapist will not use palms of hands rather only thumb and fingertips are usede The massage is carried out in deep motiono

Each motion has pressure so it can reach the lower musclese Motions are circular, this helps find and remove adhesionsn This massage is also known to increase elasticityt


Tapotement is another Swedish massage techniqueu This technique is unique and is done generally towards the end of the massageg This technique involves therapist moving his hands not on the body but to the bodyd Here the therapist may tap with fingertips, fists, sides of hands, etct as he deems fiti This technique is refreshing because it relieves the person of stress and muscle knotst

Vibration or Shaking

Vibrating or shaking technique used in Swedish massage technique is useful for increasing blood circulation to parts of the bodyd Under this technique the therapist will place his fingertips on body points and vibrate them for a few momentst This will continue till the complete area of the body is coverede


It is another technique; here the client is bound in a sheete This Swedish massage technique has not gained much popularityt

Swedish Massage Techniques
Swedish massage Techniques
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