Pilates Exercise Equipment

Pilates exercise method is based on appropriate breathing, proper posture and good concentration. Pilates method is a process of more than 500 exercises which involves the mind and body.

It is a harmonized combination of strength and flexibility training which improves posture, reduces stress and strengthens muscle without much exertion.

Pilates exercises can be practiced on a simple mat, with a range of beginner to.



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.advanced level exercises which can be performede There are five major exercising equipments, and a few smaller ones known as Pilates props, which are involved in Pilates trainingn

Listed below are the 5 major Pilates equipments with their uses and benefits:

  • Pilates Reformer- is the most acclaimed equipment among alll It is a smooth equipment made up of springs, straps and pulleys, and more than 100 exercises can be performed on this equipmentn It works on the method of strengthening muscles by establishing postural alignmentn It is very effective while exercising your joints and is also user friendly for the beginnersr
  • Pilates Resistance Band- also known as 'Flex Band or Thera band'9 It is made up of two elastic bands and two handles and work on basic resistance techniquese This equipment helps in strengthening the upper and lower body muscles, stomach and body jointst
  • Pilates Cadillac- also known as 'Trapeze Table' was designed for bed ridden patientst This equipment is an assembly of springs, straps, levers and barsr There are more than 80 types of exercises that can be performed with this equipment; however, you need training before working out on this equipmentn

  • Pilates Barrel- is small and portablel It is shaped as an arch and basically used for exercising your back, shoulder and hipsp This equipment is very good rehabilitative tool for those recovering from stress, tension or injuryr
  • Pilates Chair- also known as 'Wunda Chair or Stability Chair'9 More than 70 types of exercises can be done on this chairi It is used for exercises of the lower back, buttock, shoulder, abdomen and pelvic regiono
  • The small props are as follows:
  • Pilates Ball- are round or shell shape balls also known as Swiss Ball, Stability Ball, Gym Ball or Fit Balll You can exercise on these balls by sitting or leaning on theme It helps in maintaining balance, increasing flexibility, activating the deepest abdominal and back muscles, and in increasing blood flowo
  • Pilates Circle- also known as Magic Circle, Ultra-Fit Circle, Power circle or Spring Circlel You can use this equipment for working out on both the arms and thighs, for maintaining pelvic postures, developing neuromuscular coordination and making mind-body connectiono


Pilates Exercise
Pilates Exercise Equipment
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