How to Do Yoga Ball Exercises for the Legs?

(July 2, 2010)

Exercise balls are not an inherent part of yoga exercises. However, these large balls can be used to increase the degree of challenge in yoga poses. Essentially, the exercise balls add the challenge of balancing the body while practicing a particular pose. These balls, also known as stability balls or fitness balls, are also used extensively in Pilates. With the help of these balls, a user can engage different muscles of the body while performing simple exercises.
By using a yoga ball in the exercises for legs, the stretches can be performed more effectively. The legs can be strengthened and toned more effectively when a yoga ball is added to a standing or a sitting pose. The hamstrings of the legs can also be exercised effectively with the use of a yoga ball. Such exercises can also help strengthen and tone the calves, buttocks, and quadriceps.
Here are some exercises you can perform using a yoga ball.
• Stand an arm’s distance from a blank wall, with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Place the yoga ball right between the lower portion of your back and the wall. Engage your stomach muscles and try to press the abdominal muscles into the spine. Now bend both your knees so that they are at ninety degree angles and you are squatting. Keep your weight centred over your feet. Now using the weight of your body, roll the ball to a point between the shoulder blades. Practice this exercise about 10 times a day. This is an excellent yoga ball ab exercise.
• Extend your arms and hold the yoga ball above your head. During this period, keep your shoulders completely relaxed. The posture should be kept straight. Tighten the muscles of your stomach and with your right leg, step forward. Bend both your knees to a ninety degree angle. Lower the ball to the floor in such a manner that your knees touch the floor. Now again lift up to the starting position using your left leg. With each leg, complete ten sets of the exercise.
• Sit on a yoga ball keeping your back straight and your hands on the hips. Lift the right leg up and tighten your stomach muscles. The right leg should be parallel to the floor. Now flex your feet and hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly, return to the floor. Repeat ten times with each leg.

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