Reduce Weight with Pilates Ball Exercise

Submitted by Allan on January 22, 2013

Pilates ball exercise is good and it shows good results for weight reduction. It provides exercise to the back as well as the spine. It provides exercise to the muscles of the inner thigh and hence weight can be reduced easily and speedily. It provides exercise to the muscles of the legs and also tones it so that they can be strengthened as well as stay in proper shape.


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Straight leg lift is also a good and recommended ball exercise. It should be held in that position for quite some time as it will help you strengthen the muscles. It is easy to practice pilates ball exercise.

All you need to do is lie flat on the back and hold the pilates ball with your legs. Now try to lift the ball up and stay in that position for sometime.

Let the neck and shoulders rest and stay elongated. You should inhale while you lift your legs up and exhale while relieving the posture. You need to hold your breath while you stay still in this posture. You can relieve the posture slowly and repeat it again in few moments.

It is crucial to manage the fitness ball and that is what requires expertise. The right size of the ball is important and you should check the ball before making any purchase. The fitness ball along with the strengthening of muscles provides appropriate stretch to the back and the abdomen so as to get relieved of back pain. It also helps to burn the extra cholesterol deposits in the body. The body can be relieved of the fat deposits in the belly region as well as near the thigh.

Pilates exercise helps to correct the breathing and at the same time tone the muscles of the abdomen and the inner linings. This helps to have control movements of the breath and helps to govern the body movements. It is more active and dynamic as compared to yoga and the breathing exercise helps to purify the body internally. This helps to rejuvenate the mind as well as the body. Systematic and natural movements are essential which provide perfect exercise to the body and helps in reduction of extra pounds gathered by the body. It is a simple and natural exercise and one can enjoy the workout using the ball along with appropriate exercise of the limbs. Pilates ball exercise also increases the flexibility of the body. Pilates provides over all well being of the body and helps to increase the energy level of the body along with weight loss.

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