Exercise Equipments for Pilates

Pilates Rings

Pilates rings or magic circles are very versatile pieces of Pilates exercise equipment. They are usually made of rubber or flexible metal, have small pads on either side and are about 13 inches in diameter.

They help to add light resistance to Pilate exercises and focus on specific muscle areas. Resistance is built up by applying pressure on the inside and outside of the rings.



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.They are beneficial in toning the arms and thighsh The rings help avoid back and muscle injuries and can be used to tone the body without using traditional weightst Another advantage they have is that they are easy to carry and travel witht

Pilates Home Gyms

Certain factors like space and room height should be kept in mind if you are setting up a Pilates Home Gymy The equipment you would need for such a gym should include a Reformer, Foot Chair, Arc Barrel, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Magic Circle and Trapeze Tablel Many combinations of the above equipment are available nowadaysy Ensure you buy this equipment from a well known brandn Check out the features and prices of these stores online before buyingn The Pilates Home Gym offers you the convenience of working out at home instead of going to a gymy Invest in such a gym if you are advanced enough to practice on your ownw

Pilates Bowflex

The Bowflex home gym is another popular home gymy

While it is fairly compact you will need space (about six feet by six feet) to accommodate iti Essema Dosho Shifferaw , an engineering student in San Francisco developed the Bowflexe This kind of home gym can be used for both upper body and complete body work outst This machine uses tension rods instead of weights for resistancec Previous experience is not required to use this equipment as in the case of Pilates Home Gymsm The Bowflex is made up of one piece of equipment which strengthens the legs, arms, abdomen and backc

Yoga Exercise Equipment

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Pilates Reformer Exercise

Pilate Reformer exercises help increase strength in the upper body, correct posture and muscular imbalances, strengthen and stretch muscles and realign the spinen

Pilates Exercise Balls

Pilates exercise balls are made of rubbery material and can be used instead of a weight bench to perform various exercisese Pilates exercise bands are rubber or latex strips which provide light resistance during exercisese The elasticity of these balls can be light, medium or heavyv

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