Pilates Workout for Abs

Yoga and Pilates are both refreshing additions to the customary routine. Pilates is a great way to strengthen abs without doing even a single crunch. In a way, Pilates and Yoga are similar they are both mind/body activities.

Their focus is on breathing and posture. However, they can't take the place of traditional cardio and strength training exercises. For best results, we suggest a workout that incorporates basic Yoga and Pilates exercises for the abs.


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Here are five exercises that will tone up your abs. There are many more, and Pilates is supposed to be done in a smooth-flowing sequence. However, you must remember to get the feel for it; meanwhile, you can work on these.

The Hundred

Lie flat on your back with knees above the chest and stretch your arms at your sides. Nest lift the chin and chest slightly, so that you are up on your shoulder blades; then raise your legs up. Now, raise your arms six inches and pump them rapidly up and down 5 - 6 times exhaling all the while. Now inhale and pumping your arms 5 - 6 times, then repeat 10 times to make 100 pumps.

The Roll-Up

Sit with legs straight and arms in front of you Hold your abs in and slowly roll all the way down. As you do this, feel each vertebra press into the mat. Do this till you're lying flat. Be careful not to let your feet rise up. Nest, lift your arms above your chest and gradually roll your torso up and forward. Simultaneously, tighten your stomach, till you are back at the starting position. Now, reach your fingers away from your toes – or as far as you can – then5 roll down again. Do 5 – 10 of these.

Rolling Like a Ball

Sitting up, pull your ankles in towards your butt.

Now wrap your hands around them and bring your head toward your knees; then lift your feet off the mat in such a way that you're balancing on your tailbone. Tighten your abdomen and slowly roll back till your shoulders touch the mat. Be careful, however, not to roll on your neck. Roll back up, right away, like a ball! Try doing 5 of thesee

The Teaser

Laying flat on your back on the mat, stretch your arms straight up over your headd Raise your legs up and lift both arms above your head till your fingers point at your toess As you exhale and slowly roll back down, feel every vertebra press into the matt Return to the starting position and then repeat 3 timess


Head slightly raised, take your knees to your chest then place your hands gently behind your head without interlacing your fingerss Inhale slowly and twist to your right, than take your left elbow to your right knee while extending your right legg Hold this position just long enough to exhalee Next inhale and return to the starting posee Repeat the exercise taking your right elbow to your left kneee Do 5 sets (totally ten crisscrosses))

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