Benefits Of Yoga and Pilates During Pregnancy

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 14, 2012

While you are going through your pregnancy period, you need to keep your body toned. You also need to prepare yourself for delivery and for your post natal activities. The pregnancy period is the right time to do these preparations. Women usually want to know whether to...


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.practice yoga or Pilates during pregnancyc

Both types of exercise have their own benefits during pregnancy, and there are special yoga and Pilates exercises for pregnant womene

The first thing you need to do is to join a pre-natal yoga or Pilates classs These are special classes that are conducted for pregnant women and the emphasis is on exercises and techniques that will help you during this crucial stage in your lifef

Yoga, as a form of prenatal exercise, is safer because you can keep it as easy as you wantn You can stick to easy and simple positions and concentrate on meditation and breathing techniquesa This will help relieve stress and give you an extra dose of patience and stamina to endure the challenges of pregnancy and especially the labor paini Even after you deliver your baby, you will be relaxed and patient enough to give your child the needed attention and care because your yoga exercises will boost your peace of mind as well as tone your bodyd

When it comes to Pilates, you will find that you are approaching nearly the same results but through a different routet Pilates concentrates more on inner power, so you will be training your abdominal muscles and pelvis for deliveryr Stringier and more flexible muscles are great advantages for those who want to experience natural deliveryr All in all, yoga breathing techniques and Pilates exercises will act in synergy for a better labor experiencec

The only thing you need to do, whether you decided to practice yoga, Pilates, or even both of them, is to take it easy and practice at your own pacec You do not need to prove anythingn Keep your body comfortable and safe while you are practicing any type of exercises

Whether you are practicing Pilates or yoga exercises during your pregnancy, do not go for inverted positions after your second trimester because this might harm your babyb Practice your exercises while your feet are barer Wearing socks may lead to slipping while you are performing posese Make sure to ask your instructor about the best safety precautions that you need to take while practicing in class or at homem Yoga and Pilates are useful for your pregnancy but in different ways so, choose what suits you best and what you are comfortable witht

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