Kriya Yoga Techniques

(August 8, 2008)

Will practice of kriya breathing techniques have any impact on birth control?


Yoga or kriya breathing techniques cannot have direct impact on birth control but yoga helps in controlling the emotions of the human body. It helps in increasing the concentration of the human body and at the same time aids in meditation. For birth control the regulation of the desire for sex has to be controlled and practicing yoga helps to attain that. Taking medications for self-restraint would also help in decreasing the sexual desire of the human body.


Yoga helps to provide a control over all the organs of the body and increases the mental capacity of the individual and provides calmness to the mind and the body. Kriya yoga helps in having a disciplined life. It increases the organizational capability of the individual and helps in channeling the energy in any desired direction.


It controls the energy near the spinal cord of the body. Various forms of yoga like karma yoga (yoga of action) , bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion) and jnana yoga (yoga of knowledge) also works wonders in having a controlled breath mechanism for the overall better functioning of the human body. Karma yoga helps in maintaining a control on the actions of the body ins and outs.


Kriya yoga helps in breath control and helps in providing support to the brain and the spinal cord. Brain is the mediator in the body and once one gains command over the brain then one can easily control the body.


All physical actions of the body are controlled by the lower brain and spinal cord and hence controlling these delicate organs of the body helps in gaining the control over all other organs. Kriya yoga generates Tapa agni which helps in clearing the negative thoughts and provide relief of mind and body from various sins. It helps in restoring the human body physically and psychologically.


Along with kriya yoga, hatha yoga also helps in increasing the flexibility of the body and one can achieve maximum benefits of yoga in this manner. It helps to keep the mind free from the distractions and various thoughts. Thoughts including positive, negative and helps to control all emotions of the body and curb the desire for sex.


Various mudras in yoga also help in channeling the energy within the body in the desired directions and it also helps in increasing the magnetic spree between the mind and the body. It also helps in gaining salvation.



Submitted by R J on August 8, 2008 at 01:33

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