Sitali Kriya Yoga

Submitted by Jerry Parker on January 18, 2013

The sitali kriya yoga is also known as the cooling breath and this form of yoga helps in cooling ones anger and tends to relax the mind and body. Some of the other benefits of the sitali kriya kundalini is that it helps in regulating the digestive system functioning and also detoxifies the body.


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One of the key benefits of the kriya sitali pranayam is that it helps in calm the mind, improves concentration levels and makes the individual calm and composed on the whole. Sitali kriya yoga is a breathing technique wherein the word sitali basically refers to the sound that is caused when the individual tends to draw air in through the tongue that is protruding and folded in the shape of a tube. While performing the Sitali kriya breaths the individual may experience a cooling sensation over their tongue and even in their throat which tends to relax as well as refresh the body and the mind.

While performing the Sitali kriya yoga one may experience a bitter taste. This bitter taste is mostly on account of the toxins that tend to get released because of the Sitali kriya kundalini.

As one continues to practice the Sitali kriya yoga on a regular basis this bitter taste felt on the tongue will gradually change to a sweet taste. While performing the Sitali kriya, the individual is required to sit with their legs crossed and with both their palms on each knee. The Sitali kriya pranayam may also be performed while breathing through ones nostrils initially till one get more regular and comfortable while performing this form of yoga. Some of the other benefits of performing the Sitali kriya yoga are that it soothes and cools the nervous system especially in the areas of the 4th, 5th and 6th vertebrae. The Sitali kriya yoga is also popular because it reduces high blood pressure and tension.

As the regular practice of the Sitali kriya yoga tends to have a detoxifying effect on the body it also results in the rejuvenation of the liver and the spleen of the individual over time. In fact the sitali kriya kundalini is also known to regulate the digestive and sexual energy of the individual. Hence this form of yoga is recommended to those who tend to have recurrent problems of the digestive system as well as for those who have an issue with concentrating or remaining focused on a particular task.

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