Yogasanas For Flat Feet

Treatment of Flat Feet is not as hard as it used to be in the past. In face, Yoga therapy has rather effective ways of treating the problem of Flat Feet. Kids often suffer from painful Flat Feet, caused by a condition called tarsal coalition. In this, two or more foot bones fuse together.

This limits motion and can often lead to Flat Feet. Normally, Flat Feet don’t result in pain or any other problems. They could be linked to pronation, too. This is a leaning.



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.inward of the ankle bones toward the center linen Shoes of kids who will pronate, when placed alongside each other, tend to lean towards each othere That is after they have been worn long enough for the position of the feet to remodel their shapep

Practising Virasana daily stretches the top of the feet and strengthens feet archese It is necessary to do Virasana for 10 minutes every day even before bedtimem While practising Virasana, you should remember to massage the arches of the feete This is done by pressing on the arches as if developing an arch with one’s thumbsb When doing standing asanas, the big toe mounds and inner heels should carefully be pressed down into the floor, and the arches powerfully recoiled up into the inner anklese This might sound touch at firsts

However, ultimately, it will build the necessary strength in the arches of the feete

Standing asanas also help very much, especially Uttkatasanan Do this with toes lifted off the flooro There is also a whole series beginning with Tadasana with toes off the flooro Then there is Uttkatasana, followed by one-legged asanas such as Vrksasana and Ardha Chandrasana to begin with, then Garudasana, Virabhadrasana 3 and Natarajasanan Certain asanas would include squatting ones such as Pasasana and Malasanan As a matter of fact, the first stage of Crane pose (Bakasana) is squattingn Another asana would be Frog pose (Bhekasana) although this pose is done lying down on the stomachc

Flat Feet Yoga Treatment
Treatment of Flat Feet
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