Inversion Therapy and Yoga

Our gravitational field is a compressive force. It impacts all life in our universe. It is due to gravity that we remain grounded to the earth. In fact, gravity is what holds everything on earth together in its form and shape.

It is such so simple and ordinary that most of us take it for granted. On an average, humans spend around sixteen hours every day with their bodies relatively perpendicular. Then again we spend around eight hours horizontal while sleeping.


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Without really knowing it, the vertical human frame is continuously influenced by gravitational stress. This is mainly due to the fact that, gravity passes through our bodies, in the same direction, more often than not.

We cannot alter or modify the direction of the gravitational field. However we are in a position to change the direction in which our body is exposed to gravity. The age-old practice of Yoga employs gravity in a manner that benefits us tremendously. The various Yoga poses (asanas), in particular the inverted ones, let gravity to flow through your body in a variety of angles and directions. Inversion lets all organs to shift back to their proper positions. This, in particular, is in the prolapsed organs.

It stimulates the flow of blood to the head and brain area.

Inversion therapy is really a different and innovative approach to total body stretching and strengthening. It is extremely versatile and adjustable. Yoga Inversion therapy is done with a sling-swing made of colorful and durable parachute fabric, a soft cushion insert and six handles located at three different levels (overhead, waist and foot levels), and two extension springs. Put together, this exceptional piece of equipment allows you to reach almost any imaginable pose, angle, movement, stretch or exercise you can think of. It doesn’t matter, whether it is vertical, horizontal inverted, or any position in between. You are able to achieve an unlimited variety of positions & options you can’t achieve with any other device whether you are playing on the swing airborne or grounded. Nor whether you are working high or low to the floor; nor whether you are sitting upright, hanging inverted, or lying prone, supine or lying on your side.

Inversion Therapy Through Yoga
Inversion Therapy Through Yoga
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