Proper Running Technique

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 21, 2012

Running is one of the best forms of exercise, which is why several people want to add running to their workout regimes. However, if you are looking to enhance your workout experience, it is important for you to follow the proper running technique. Every runner has their own distinctive style and technique. There are some runners who follow the proper running style,...


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Running Technique

.though several are awkwardr You may see some runners who hit the ground too hard, whereas others have a soft landingn

Some runners can actually be termed as economical, whereas others look like they are wasting energyg Therefore every runner will have their own running style, which suits them bests However, they may not necessarily be the proper running technique, for speede It is possible to improve your running technique, by following 5 simple steps, as there are 5 basic parts to runningn The five factors to be kept in mind are toe up, heel up, knee up, reach out and claw backc It is absolutely essential to use the proper running technique and especially the proper long distance running technique, so as to avoid the risks of injuriese

Proper sprinting technique

The proper sprinting technique is not very different from running techniquese It has been seen that most sprinters usually land on the balls of their feete This is because sprinters usually bring the legs back in a powerful way, so that they land on the ball of the foot, when it is under their center of gravityt This helps them to push their bodies forward with greater force and at the same time, it does not produce any breaking forcec This means that the speed at which their leg pulls back is equal to the speed at which their bodies move forwardr

Proper walking technique

A proper walking technique is a must, to be able to walk comfortably and easily, so as to avoid any pain or injuriese Given below are the steps that are important, in order to follow the proper walking technique:

  • Stand up straight with your head held high
  • Move your shoulders naturally and freely
  • Allow your arms to swing in a natural motion while walking briskly
  • Keep your eyes focused ahead of you
  • Make sure that your chin is parallel to the ground
  • Tighten the muscles in your stomach gently
  • Keep your pelvis tucked under your torso
  • Position your feet so that they are parallel to each other & shoulder width apart
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