Yoga and Anger

Yoga and anger has been a subject of debate and discussion for quite some time now. Yoga therapy is very clear about some things, such as, life has its ups and downs. On any given day our emotions can seem like they are riding on an out-and-out roller coaster.

In fact, Yoga therapy stipulates that, anger is normally the result of hurt pride, unattainable expectations, or of repetitive hostile fantasies. Besides getting one’s way, involuntarily one might use.



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.anger to blame others for one’s own shortcomingsg This may be to justify oppressing others, to boost one’s own wilting egos, to cover up other feelings, or just to handle other emotionsn This happens just as one gets aggressive when afraidi Anger is a feeling acknowledging frustration or injuryr One may not like what has happened and as a rule one would like to have one’s revengeg Yoga therapy tells us that anger is an emotional, physiological, cognitive internal statet Anger is separate from the behavior it may promptp

Direct behavioral signs:

  1. Attacking: physical and verbal viciousness, fury, hitting, pushing, kicking, threatening with arms, so on and so forth
  2. Aggression: too critical, carping, teasing, insulting someone of having immoral or low traits or motives, pestering, complaining, mockery, derision, flashes of angere
  3. Hurtful: spiteful gossip, pilfering, seditious behavioro
  4. Rebellious: disruptive, rebellious behavior, open insubordination, rebuffs to talk invitationsn

Direct verbal or cognitive signs:

  1. Out-and-out hatred and insults: "Hating another’s guts;" "getting really mad;" "Thinking the other extremely stupidi"
  2. Disdain and loathing: "You're a selfish person;" "You are a gutless wimp, you'll never amount to much in lifef"
  3. Suspicious: "You are never fair;" "You cheata"
  4. Blaming: "Everyone has been trying to make trouble for mem"
  5. Don't get the respect you deserve: "People just don't respect me any morer"
  6. Revengeful: "I really wish I could kill himi"

Yoga therapy teaches us that all experiences point to the Selfl Rather than be a victim of one’s own anger, you could become its studentn As a result, your everyday life will provides you ample "chances" to breathe in your upset and awaken your heartr

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Yoga and Anger
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