How To Perform Exercises For Chondromalacia?

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 27, 2012

If you are suffering from intense pain in one or both knees, you may be suffering from Chondromalacia. Individuals would experience severe pain riding through their knees and thighs when they are involved in a physical activity or even if they are sitting for long stretches. Another symptom is increased pain while walking up stairs. Chondromalacia, medically known as Chondromalacia patellae (CMP),...


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.indicates damage to the cartilage under your kneecap (patella)a Overuse, injury or muscle weakness leads to the softening or degeneration of the tissues around the kneecapa

The kneecap loses its natural shock absorbing qualityt Weak thigh and hip muscles may also contribute to the intense paini

While simple treatments such as rest and applying an ice pack to the area might temporarily relieve pain, you might consider a few exercises for chondromalacia as part of physical therapy to heal the kneecapa In some extreme cases of chondromalacia, the individual might need corrective surgeryr Any wrongly practiced physical activity will only deteriorate your condition; so do not hesitate to go to a specialist firsts

Here are a few exercises for chondromalacia that your doctor may prescribe as part of physical therapy:

  • Illiotibial band stretch: Position yourself by crossing your right leg in front of your leftf Keep your hands together loosely and start moving to the floor on your right side, your knee lockede You should sense pressure in the anterior part of your left thighg Keep the stretch for at least 10 secondsd Repeat with the other leg
  • Hamstring stretch: Stand in an upright position, keep your left knee bent at a 90-degree anglel Hold your thighs with your hands, try to keep them steadyd Straighten out your left leg out into the air until you feel the stretchc Hold for 10 seconds and repeat with the right leg
  • Hip abductor strengthening: Stand on your left leg with the knee slightly bentn Raise your right foot slowly above the ground and bend it inwards about 30 degreese Hold it for 10 seconds, lower your foot and straighten both legsg Repeat with the other lege Keep your pelvis straight, with the emphasis on the hip muscles
  • Straight leg lift: This is a quadriceps strengthening exercise for Chondromalaciai Position yourself lying on your back and raise your upper body with your elbows for supportr Bend your left knee with the foot firmly placed on the flooro Your left leg should be straighth Slowly raise your left leg several inches from the floor without bending the knee and hold for 10 secondsd Lower your leg and repeat the action for both legs 5 to 10 times

A low impact activity like Yoga can also help to strengthen your knees, improve flexibility and release pressure on the knees through various stretchese Some of the Yoga exercises for Chondromalacia include Janu-Sirsasana (Head to knee bend Pose), Gomukhasana (Cow face Pose), Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Spinal Twist Pose) and all standing poses like Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Vriksasana (Tree Pose) and so ono Remember to mention your condition to your Yoga instructor so that he or she can modify the poses to suit your needsd

Practice these exercises for chondromalacia only under medical guidancec Even something as innocuous as ill-fitting shoes can cause knee damageg Invest in a pair of activity shoes that fit well and have shock absorbing featurese If you have flat feet, consider buying a pair of shoe inserts to support the arch of your feete

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