Yoga for Hyperopia

Submitted by Matt Papa on December 27, 2012

Hyperopia is farsightedness and tends to be an inherited condition. People who suffer from hyperopia cannot focus on objects close by. The other conditions in vision include myopia and presbyopia.


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Yoga Exercise for Farsightedness

Spectacles are usually the way this condition is corrected and people wear glasses with corrective lenses in order to be able to see properly. This condition can also be controlled with exercises for the eye muscles as well. These exercises are not a cure if you have hyperopia but can prevent the number of the corrective lenses from increasing.

If the eye muscles are not exercised, the condition tends to aggravate.

Yoga is a complete holistic routine that tends to help in all round physical and mental health. Therefore yoga can also be used to reduce and correct vision problems if you suffer from hyperopia.  Some of the poses that can be done to improve vision and reduce limitations of hyperopia are lion pose along with some other basic exercises.

Tratak is an important exercise in yoga. It is designed to improve focus and concentration while strengthening eye muscles. In tratak, you have to hold your arm in front of you with the thumb point upwards. Concentrate on a point beyond the thumb nail, in the distance. Alternate your focus, once on the nail and once on the point beyond. Do this for some time and then rest your eyes.

Other eye exercises include Lion pose along with regular blinking, stretching of eye muscles clockwise and anti clockwise, creating visual figure 8s. You can also try stretching eye muscles, one eye at a time. You can do this by closing or relaxing one eye and exercising the other eye. Rotating eye muscles by looking up and looking down without moving your head is also a good exercise for the eye muscles.

Palming your eyes at the end of the practice is also an important part of these asanas ore exercises. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently strain your eyes while exercising them.  As in the case with all exercises, proper posture, comfortable clothing and regular practice are a must.

These exercises would help in keeping your eyes well and healthy. If you are a regular practitioner of yoga, remember to include these exercises in your daily regimen. These exercises will help keep your eyes healthy and can even delay the onset of eye sight related conditions.

One of the main warnings that you need to heed while exercising your eye muscles is that you should not inadvertently strain your eyes while working the muscles out. Breathing is important while working on these exercises.

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