I want to know how to improve my breathing time (which is very short).....and i have problem of cold too.....would you suggest me some yoga of breathing exerciser to alleviate my problem

(November 16, 2011)

Yoga For Cold Prevenetion

While yoga has been around for centuries, it has only recently come to prominence in the Western World, but is fast gaining popularity as one of the most effective forms of holistic wellness and well being. The common cold is one of the most common medical ailments all over the world – primarily because of the fact that it can be caused by any number of viruses that are very common. There are a number of yoga poses that are known to help build the immune system of the human body to help repel some of the viruses that cause the cold more effectively. Moreover, there are also a number of yoga poses that are also exercises to improve breathing to ensure that blood circulation within the body is at its optimum.

The Pranayama is one of the most commonly discussed yoga techniques and is known to promote the absorption of oxygen into the lungs as well as the alleviation of colds, sinus and asthma problems. The level of cortisol, which is the main component of stress in the human body, is also known to increase the body’s susceptibility to disease and colds. Some of the other yoga poses that are considered to be very effective when it comes to dealing with a cold include the sun salutation, the corpse pose and the lion pose.  It is important to remember to stick to some of the easy and relaxing poses when your body is already working to fight off the cold infection.  Your diet will also usually play a role in the capability of your body to fight the infection and switching to a diet that has a reduced quantity of milk products, meat and rice should help speed up the recovery. Rest is a very important aspect of any cold treatment as the body requires all the energy it can muster to fight the infection.

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Does Yoga Really Helps In Preventing Cold ?

A common cold is the result of a virus and is usually associated with symptoms like sneezing, running nose, headaches, sore throats, dry cough and even fever. This condition is found to be very contagious and can affect lots of people. A strong immune system can help one in the prevention of a cold. Yoga works towards all round development of any individual. A person suffering from a cold can practice various poses in yoga that will basically aim to improve their immune system and thus prevent colds. Yoga when practiced on a regular basis can have some far reaching effects. It can help to raises a person’s immunity to most diseases and also helps in strengthening a person’s healing process. For those who practice yoga for cold prevention the main steps will include breathing techniques also referred to as Pranayama. This Pranayama helps a person to absorb a lot more oxygen that helps then in alleviating asthma, colds, allergies and sinus congestion. Some of the main poses in yoga for cold prevention include then the Kapalabhati. This breathing technique will help to cleanse a person’s system. The Tadasana or the Mountain pose is also beneficial because of the stillness it teaches. Some other useful yoga poses include the Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation. This helps in limbering up a person’s entire body and prepares it for the rest of the asanas to follow. It involves 12 steps and is done in a continuous roll. The Trikonasana or the Triangle pose is also beneficial like the Warrior pose. The Warrior pose will help a person to strengthen their legs and arms and also helps to increase stamina levels. The Padmasana or the Lotus pose is useful and is done in meditation. One can also try the Anuloma Viloma or Alternate Nostril breathing which improves their breathing technique.  

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