Yoga for breathing problem

(April 1, 2008)

How to cure breathing difficulties

Yoga for breathing problem 

Yoga is a time tested solution for treating breathing difficulties. Since ancient days, yoga has been the perfect remedy to either chronic or persistent breathing problems. Followers of yoga perform specific asanas to avoid any sort of breathing difficulties by building up the lung muscles. A simple exercise to begin with - lie down flat on your back in a relaxed position with your legs stretched in front of you and your eyes staring at the roof, ceiling or simply looking above. Close your eyes gently and relax as you do so.

There are three types of techniques that can be adopted in this posture.

  • Abdomen breathing - Draw in deep breaths using the stomach muscles. As you inhale observe your abdomen rise with each breath of air. Take a count of 5 seconds before you exhale slowly. Exhale as slowly as you can and let the abdominal muscles contract completely. This form of breathing technique must be done t least 20 times.
  • Chest breathing - In chest breathing, focus on your chest movement and let your muscles expand with each breath. Maintain a count of 5 seconds before you let your breath slowly. In this breathing technique the concentration must be on the increased use of the chest muscles. Do the chest method of breathing for at least 20 rounds.
  • Combination - Now begin breathing using both your chest as well as abdomen muscles. Inhale a deep breath by expanding the abdomen and continue to inhale till the chest is also filled. Keep a count of 5 seconds and as you exhale let the air empty out from the chest first and then the abdomen completely. The combination methods must be done for 20 rounds.

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Firstly, if you are experiencing breathing difficulties, it is important that you make sure you are not experiencing a serious medical condition that needs medical treatment. If you are certain that you are not experiencing a serious medical condition, then yoga may be of great benefit to you in opening up your airways and helping you breathe easier.

You want to focus on asanas that target your chest area. This includes upward facing dog, boat pose, bridge pose and reverse triangle and reverse warrior pose. Always remember with these poses to follow each one with their counter pose as listed below:
  • Upward facing dog – downward facing dog
  • Boat pose – butterfly pose
  • Bridge pose – child’s pose
  • Reverse triangle – triangle pose
  • Reverse warrior pose – warrior A and B

You may able benefit greatly from some of the standing poses such as tree pose, particularly when you reach above your head. Remember to keep your shoulders relaxed.

Pranayama will also help your breathing. Fire breathing is particularly helpful in strengthening the airways for easier breathing. Fire breathing is quick, short breathes done in rapid succession. Sitting on your mat, take a deep breath in through your nose and then give 20 quick, short, forceful breaths out through your mouth. You should feel your stomach contract quickly during fire breathing.

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