Yoga For Children With Breathing Difficulties

Submitted by Jerry Parker on January 7, 2013

There is no standard definition for "breathing difficulties in children". Some children may experience a sense of breathlessness with just mild exercise (for instance, running a short distance to the school bus). This does not go to mean that he or she has a particular ailment. Other kids might have advanced lung disease. This could result in difficulty in breathing.


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But they might never experience shortness of breath.

Sometimes, some breathing problems could be normal. Acute nasal block is one case in point.

Vigorous exercise, particularly when a person does not work out frequently, is another example. Under certain circumstances, breathing problems might be due to the a major disease that has to be examined and analyzed by a healthcare provider. Obviously, exercise and sports that suit kids with breathing problems include swimming and yoga. Studies conducted by Yoga institutes the world over have reported great success in helping children deal with breathing difficulties.

The practice of Yoga definitely helps in breathing problems by alleviating breathing and the respiratory function. This it does by reducing mucus accumulation, controlling anxiety, and calming the mind. Medical practitioners, the world over, have also reported enhanced concentration skills. In fact, they all say the Yoga meditation in conjunction with the practice of simple poses and breathing exercises makes treatment so much more effective. Yoga practice could also give rise to more reduction of anxiety levels in children compared to drug therapy. Medical practitioners are of the opinion that that Yoga practices helps children with breathing difficulties by helping them gain access to their own internal experience and increased self-awareness.

Simple relaxation techniques and exercise go a long way in regulating breathing patterns in children. They also help improve lung function. Subsequently Yoga definitely helps kids manage their breathing problems by easing symptoms. Therefore, the Yoga approach is perfect, nowadays, in treating respiratory problems since the breath the connecting thread throughout the practice of Yoga.

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