Special Yoga for Special Children

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on May 15, 2013

Yoga is known to be one of the most balanced fitness disciplines and indeed has proven to be beneficial for improving both mental and physical capabilities of the practitioners. Over the years, yoga has evolved to meet the specific needs of specific groups of practitioners. Now, even mentally challenged children can make use of this discipline to improve their quality of life.


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Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga, a special kind of yoga in which children are encouraged to perform laughing exercises, can be used to make these special children respond to commands from various authorities like parents and school teachers. Since mentally challenged children often experience rapid mood swings, laughter yoga can help keep them in a positive and enthusiastic state. As they remain cheerful, they also become more responsive and tend to do better in school as well in their homes.

Proponents of laughter yoga believe that mentally challenged children should incorporate in their daily routine at least half an hour of laughter yoga. This can help them make lot of improvement and can also provide training for daily needs. There are many laughter clubs for these types of kids, and both the children and their parents can make use of these clubs to attain maximum benefits from these clubs.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

The first thing about laughter yoga is that it brings a lot of happiness to mentally challenged children. Since special kids need extra love and affection, laughter yoga gives them the perfect opportunity to release their stress and find cheer in each other. When it becomes a permanent part of their daily routine, laughter yoga can really help channel the children’s energies to more positive routes.

Value-based laughter yoga training such as appreciation laughter, greeting laughter, and forgiveness laughter can help children incorporate these values into their daily lives. During these exercises, children are also allowed to touch the teachers, embrace them, and show their love. With the help of these activities, they can become like normal kids to a large extent.

Laughter exercises also improve breathing, incorporating more oxygen into the blood, and improving the overall functioning of the various vital organs in the body. Laughter therapy can also help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, therefore reducing stress and anxiety. For mentally challenged children, this can be a really boost to their mental health. It can also help improve their emotional and psychological health.

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