Yoga For Children To Stop Bed Wetting

(February 17, 2009)

My son 9 yrs old used to wet bed in night, help please

You wrote that your son who is aged 9 years used to wet his bed at nights. This is not a horribly serious problem, as a lot of people are known to have been chronic bed-wetters as children, but they turned out pretty fine in the end. Still, it would be wise to start him on Yoga. And while, you’re at it, you would be well advised to consult your family physician to check for physical irregularities that could cause frequent micturation that impels him to wet the bed, rather than get up and go.

Yoga for children

Yoga for children is a relatively new development that has caught on and is drawing hordes of parents with their children, simply on account of the phenomenal cures it has engendered. That aside, even healthy kids are encouraged by their eager parents to take up the practise of Yoga for the fantastic benefits it is known to deliver.

The benefits include, perceived health improvements by way better of digestion and appetite (particularly in the case of fussy eaters), improved breathing (in the case of juvenile sinusitis and asthma), better receptivity to society (in the case of introvert kids) and more liveliness, vitality, vivacity, well channelized and higher levels of energy.

Barring cases of specific health complaints or disorders, the general program of Yoga for children is known to produce excellent results. By and large children are encouraged to start early and are grouped according to their ages. For instance, pre-schoolers would fall into one category, while kindergarteners, preteens and teeny-boppers would all have their own categories. Likewise, the practices vary for each age group.

Best of all, the classes are fun while being highly therapeutic and informative. All asanas (poses) are named after birds or animals or implements and rigging such as Pigeon pose, Crow pose, Downward Dog pose, Cat pose, Camel pose, Bridge pose, so on and so forth. The children are also taught the importance of right breathing (nasally) and at a slightly later stage, the full Yogic e-part breath. This way they learn to breathe right, set their posture right and eat right at a very early age. The classes are all interlaced with lovely stories, many from ancient fables culled from international texts and modified to suit the need of the hour.

Children also learn to overcome many nervous disorders (a major cause for bed-wetting) surmount stammers and lisps and come to grips with other emotional setbacks. So, in consultation with your doctor, it would be prudent to start your son on Yoga right away.

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