What is the best form of yoga for reflux problems, especially for children?

(February 25, 2013)

Reflux is something that is usually not associated with children. Children run around and play and are invariably much healthier than older people. Generally, reflux is caused because the end of the esophagus does not contract, sealing off the stomach. This happens primarily due to a weakening of this muscle. Yoga is therefore a very good option because it helps strengthen the entire digestive system.

Over time, the esophageal sphincter muscles get stronger helping to control as well as eliminate reflux. Some of the yoga poses which can be performed to help strengthen the digestive system are:

  • Vajrasana (Diamond Pose): This pose can be practiced for ten minutes at the conclusion of every meal. It is just a method of sitting, but helps in proper digestion.
  • Supta Vajrasana (Reclining Diamond Pose): This should be practiced only in the mornings on an empty stomach. It strengthens the digestive system as well as the abdominal muscles. It also relieves constipation.
  • Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose): This pose should also be done only on an empty stomach in the mornings. It relieves gas in the large intestines and clears any blockages that may be the cause of reflux.

Please note that proper guidance is necessary while performing yoga and yoga should always be performed very slowly. One should never force their body or push it so much that it causes pain.



Submitted by G M on February 25, 2013 at 03:45

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