Yoga Poses & Exercises for Kids

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 10, 2012

Health and fitness focus is important among children especially during the formative years. Robust health and fitness is mainly derived by following a healthy diet plan and exercise routine. Getting children to eat healthy and follow a regular fitness routine can turn out to be a strenuous exercise for most parents.


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Sugars, sweets, candies, chocolates are freely offered to children to either placate them or get that much required silent or peaceful time while the child nibbles at the confection.

Children are observant, active and full of energy. It is important to channelize the energy in a fruitful direction.

A regular walk, play time or taking the child to the nearest park can improve the health and fitness of the child. Social development or meeting other children, sharing experiences can also enrich the child's development in more ways than one. Yoga for children is also an effective way to help children channelize their energy and steady the active and curious mind. Instilling a steady and calm mind early in childhood through yoga or other fitness programs will help children resolve every day issues better. Yoga classes for kids, are today a reality and something every parent would like to take advantage of. Various schools around the world now include yoga classes as part of the curriculum to help children excel academically.

Various poses in yoga such as tree pose, cat pose and wheel pose help children enjoy the postures while reaping the physical health benefits offered by yoga. Meditation accompanied by yoga postures is an ideal way to calm a child's mind. Children are prone to insecurity, fears or confused feelings. The spiritual benefits of yoga can help ease the mental tensions and make the child feel happy, healthy and active.

Physical fitness regimes such as yoga, swimming, cycling must be supplemented by a healthy diet plan. Getting children to nibble at raw but cleaned vegetables or fruits is an ideal way to know which fruits or vegetables your child likes. The habit also cultivates a liking for raw vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots or sprouts which is a healthy food habit. Making meal time fun or creating a relaxed environment is also required to help children associate meal times as a leisurely event. The child must not be forced but should be helped with forming a regular eating, fitness and sleep routine. Adequate sleep is also necessary to keep the child active and receptive to the world around.

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