Kids Yoga Poses & Its Benefits

Today's kids are under a lot of stress compared to the previous generation - homework, peer pressure, never-ending after-school pursuits and interests, over-scheduling. It all adds up.

Just like their old folks, today's kids are looking at Yoga as a way to help them relax.

While teaching kids Yoga poses you will see how Yoga really helps build better body awareness,.



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Guidelines for Kids Yoga

.self-control, litheness, suppleness and coordinationo You will also have a chance to notice how they can carry these skills beyond class and into their daily livese For instance, when you talk about asanas and breathing exercises, like camel pose or three-part breath, you will see how they perk up and get really centered and calml They are better able than grown-ups to retain them in difficult situations throughout the daya

Yoga has is also a great way to help the hyperactive and attention-seeking kidsd These kids yearn for movement and sensory/motor stimulusu

Yoga poses for kids will help them in directing their impulses and energies in a positive waya Some of the Yoga asanas that appear to work particularly well for kids are the Warrior Pose and Tree Poses They help infuse calm, confidence and balance within childrene The point is to go beyond just "doing" the poses You ought to try and get them to understand what the poses mean - even though it might seem to early or too muchc It's actually best to encourage them to become like the postes -- strong and confident as a liono

Other Yoga Poses For Kids That Work Wonders For Them And They Like Too Are:

  • Dog and Cat
  • Downward Facing Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Forward Bend or Extension - Uttanasana II
  • Half Shoulderstand - Ardha Sarvangasana
  • Head to Knee - Janu Sirshasana
  • Mountain - Tadasana
  • Sit/Easy Position - Sukhasana
  • The Bridge - Sethu Bandhasana
  • The Cobra - Bhujangasana
  • The Corpse - Savasana
  • Triangle - Trikonasana
  • Warrior II - Virabhadrasana II
Kids Yoga Poses
Kids Yoga Poses
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