Massage Therapy for Kids

Submitted by Jerry Parker on August 13, 2012

The sense of touch is one of the earliest to develop in a human baby. This sense remains essential to our wellbeing. Studies show that babies, when deprived of physical contact, fail to thrive and in extreme cases may even die. Adults when isolated and deprived of physical contact, tend to become depressed. Children who experience an abundance of loving touch benefit greatly from this positive tactile experience.


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They are more likely to grow up to be emotionally stable and capable of long lasting relationships. Massage is one such positive tactile experience that can benefit children in many different ways.

Since ancient times, infant massage has been practiced all over the globe.

Massage is good for all children including kids with special needs.

Kids with special needs suffering from conditions like cancer, muscular dystrophy or fibromyalgia can get relief from pain with the help of massage. This is due to the endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, which are released during the massage. Kids with behavioral problems such as ADD, ADHD or hyperactivity can also benefit from massage because it helps to relax their muscles, reduce stress and calm the mind.


There are many benefits to infant massage. Massage sends your baby positive signals about touch. Early infant massage may have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and brain by helping to stimulate these areas. It can help to improve circulation, respiration, digestion and excretion. By aiding the digestive process it helps to ease the severity and frequency of colic. The sense of comfort provided by massage helps to relax your baby and makes falling asleep that much easier. As your baby grows, regular massage will help strengthen the bones and muscles and improve motor coordination, making it easier to learn how to sit, stand and walk.

As your child grows older and massage becomes an established routine at home, you will find that your child benefits in many additional ways. As a preschooler, your child is liable to score better on mental, physical and behavioral tests. Your child will also be able to sleep better, be more confident and less prone to hyperactivity as compared to other children.

Massage therapy for kids is gaining in popularity daily. There are a number of resources available from self-help books, videos and websites that will help to get you started. Many certified infant massage therapists as well as instructors can be found at hospitals and clinics. If your child has special needs, consult your doctor about the potential benefits of massage therapy.

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