Getting A Shiatsu Massage When Pregnant

One of the major benefits of Shiatsu massage is that it helps treat muscle aches. Besides this other conditions like lower back pains, leg pains, heartburns, constipation as well as swelling and bloating, are easily calmed with during a Shiatsu massage.

While these are common conditions experienced during pregnancy, one can easily find relaxation with the help of a shiatsu massage.


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Massage therapists are trained and certified to perform shiatsu massages on pregnant women, so it is very vital that a pregnant woman checks her massage therapists’ credentials before getting one done. It is recommended that women take the entire day off on the day they have a shiatsu massage.

The shiatsu massage works on improving the flow of energy throughout the body by massaging certain focal points in the body. It is believed that pains, aches, ailments and diseases, occur due to a sluggish or obstructed flow of energy.

This ancient form of Japanese massage is best done after the first trimester, and after consulting your physician.

The shiatsu massage is performed differently for pregnant women, especially the positioning of the body during the massage. Bolsters and blankets are used to help support the woman, and keep her comfortable throughout this phase.

Shiatsu massages are also known for its benefits in the labor period by helping women feel more connected with their bodies, have higher levels of confidence in their abilities, and most of all to cope with labor pains more effectively. Some studies have shown that women who used shiatsu are more likely to spontaneously enter labor.

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