What Makes Shiatsu Massage Unique?

Shiatsu, the ancient form of Japanese healing through finger pressure is gaining a lot of popularity in the western world.

This technique has been derived from Oriental massage and is different from other massage forms, like the Swedish massage (commonly referred to as the classic massage).


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Given below are some of the differences between Shiatsu and regular massage:

  • Practitioners of shiatsu work with pressure points and meridians, to address any imbalances, whereas regular masseuses work on muscle and connective tissue to reduce tension and enhance blood flow.
  • Rhythmic pressure and stretching is mostly used in shiatsu, instead of the rubbing and kneading that is used in regular massage
  • During a shiatsu session, the patient is fully dressed in loose-fitting and light clothing. However, during other massage sessions, oil may be applied on bare skin.
  • Shiatsu massages are generally performed on a futon or floor mat; in some cases, patients may be asked to lie down on a plinth.

    Other massage techniques may require the patient to lie down on a table or sit in a massage chair.
  • Most clients feel relaxed and energized after a shiatsu session, instead of sleepy, which is usually the case with regular massage.

There are various health benefits associated with different forms of massage, but it is important to check with a doctor, before going in for any.

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